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You may download the appropriate Application/Nomination Forms here:

B. NCP Grant Applications

1. Presidential Research Grant-I

2. Presidential Research Grant-II

3. Presidential Research Grant-III

4. Presidential Research Grant-IV

5. Presidential Research Grant-V

C. NCP Fellowships

1. NCP Presidential Fellowship-I-Research

2. NCP Presidential Fellowship-II-Public Policy

3. NCP Presidential Fellowship-III-Acute Clinical Practice

4. NCP Presidential Fellowship-IV-Acute Clinical Practice.

D. NCP Scholarships

1. Presidential Scholarship-I

2. Presidential Scholarship-II

3. Presidential Scholarship-III

4.Presidential Scholarship-IV

E. NCP Award Nominations

1. Outstanding Achievement Awards

2. Outstanding Research Awards

3. Outstanding Mentor Awards

4. Outstanding Philanthropic Awards

5. Physician's Choice Hospital Awards

6. Community Service Awards

7. Physician of the Year Award

8. Outstanding "Fellows" Awards

9. Honorary Member Awards

10. Lifetime Achievement Award

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