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The National College of Physicians (NCP) offers Fellows awards in the field of medicine for the purpose of promoting and engaging applicants in in medical research, program development, policy, and evidence-based medicine to conduct research in a collaborative environment.


NCP Presidential Fellowship-I-Research. This NCP Presidential Fellowship for Research was established to promote research in various fields of interest and study the scientific and evidence-based relationships and assess clinical applications for hospitals and universities.

NCP Presidential Fellowship-II-Public Policy. This NCP Presidential Fellowship for Public Policy was established to study how the current political process has affected the health care system and more specifically, it's affect upon physicians. These fellows will have the opportunity to study the political process and policy-making thorugh our think-tanak in the Washington, D.C. area.

NCP Presidential Fellowship-III-Acute Clinical Practice. This NCP Presidential Fellowship for Advanced Medical Acute Clinical Practice was established to help meet the needs of several of the world's premier clinical and treatment centers for children with catastrophic diseases including cancer, immune deficiencies and genetic disorders. This Fellowship provides the opportunity to research, study, assess, teach, manage and follow up on various teams as the staff integrates research findings into clinical protocols.

NCP Presidential Fellowship-IV-Acute Clinical Practice. This NCP Presidential Fellowship for Advanced Medical Acute Clinical Practice was established to help facilitate advance medical rehabilitation, especially in the area of military patient injury, best practices, and patient education.

Application Deadline:

March 1, 2011


The fellowships are open to any physician that can demonstrate a high level of previous research and achievement. They must possess the interest and passion for the program for which they are applying to, and demonstrate a willingness to advance the field. Preference will be given to NCP members.


The Fellowship will have a stated length of time not to exceed 12 months.


$1,000-$7,500 (9 months)


The applications will be reviewed by the NCP Fellowship Review Committee and will be judged based on the applicant's capabilities, project feasibility, potential for advancing the field, and compatibility with the current goals and objectives of NCP.

Conditions of Fellowship:

Bi-monthly reports summarizing the status and the results of the project will be submitted to the NCP Fellowship Review Committee, as well as the NCP Fellowship Task Force. A final report must be submitted within 30 days of project completion. The fellow will be expected to disseminate information to NCP within six months of project completion for publication. The Fellow must be willing to study at the hospital facility for at least one year following the completion of the Fellowship at or near the salary held during the Fellowship.

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