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How Physicians Can Burn In, Not Burn Out

Physicians are leaving medicine due to being physically and mentally exhausted. Most tragically, the United States loses one physician a day to suicide — an astronomical number.

Why Many Doctors Live Paycheck To Paycheck

Wealth seems to be an elusive dream for many people. They desire to become wealthy, but feel they don’t earn enough money to reach that goal, as if earning more would make the difference. A study of 10,000 millionaires, showed that 69% of these millionaires reached that level of affluence on a household income of less than $100,000 a year.

The Power of the Nocebo Effect

Nocebo is the evil twin of the placebo effect—and my constant companion. I set out to find out what it is, and how I could learn to harness the more positive effects of medical mind games.

Patient Satisfaction Should Not Be Driven By Poorly-Designed Surveys

A young male patient checks into the emergency department (ED) and is brought back to a room for an ankle injury he suffered the day before. He states that he twisted it while doing some indoor rock climbing and tells the triage nurse that it is swollen and tender, but that he can walk on it.

How Big Medicine Is Hurting Patients And Putting Small Practices Out Of Business

Recently the CEO of a large health care network stated: “Market forces don’t apply to health care.”

Five Reimbursement Trends For 2019

This year could prove to be a challenging year for physicians who aren’t attuned to the latest industry trends in reimbursement. Here are five things doctors need to know.

The World's Cheapest Hospital Has to Get Even Cheaper

Cancer surgery for $700, a heart bypass for $2,000. Pretty good, but under India’s new health-care system, it’s not good enough.

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