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When Did People’s Feelings Start Mattering More Than Patient Safety?

As an elder millennial physician, I’ve been straddling two worlds, that of the “old-school” mentality of training and this newer one of “wellness.” I’ve become disheartened with new physicians being increasingly unable to tolerate any criticism by teaching faculty, even when patient harm is at risk. However, it wasn’t until I was accused of bullying and bullying exclusionary by a group of colleagues — not trainees — that I grew completely fed up.

Could Patients Be Their Own Scribes?

One day while on shift in the emergency department, I looked out into the waiting room at the dozens of people waiting to be seen. Many had been waiting for hours. Some looked bored. Others appeared agitated by the long wait time. One thing that nearly all of them had in common, though, was the presence of a smartphone within arms reach.

How Not To Get Sued

As a forensic pathologist and an expert at what kills people, I am frequently consulted by attorneys when a patient dies from a medical misdiagnosis or a therapeutic complication. Medical malpractice cases are contentious and drag on, sometimes taking years to resolve. The lawyers often know just as much medicine as the doctors -- and they do their homework, challenging my expertise and knowledge base with the goal of tripping me up until I concede something that will help them win.

Probiotics Are Touted As Good For The Gut. They May Be Trouble For The Immune System

Probiotics are wildly popular. After all, the microbial cocktails are available over the counter and have been shown to be helpful in the treatment of gastrointestinal illnesses for some people.

When Doctors Are Poor Explainers

A physician, like anyone, can be a poor explainer of things for several reasons, but foremost among these is the tendency to use medical jargon. This is not a problem unique to doctors. When I take my car in for repairs, I often must ask the mechanic to explain what is wrong in a way I can understand. I have a rudimentary understanding of what the various parts of the engine do, and I even recognize the terms he uses to describe these parts, but I have little understanding of how the parts relate to each other and what can go wrong with them.

The Trouble With Mice As Behavioral Models For Alzheimer's And Other Neurologic Diseases

There’s been a lot of talk about overinvestment in interventions aimed at amyloid in the weeks since Biogen discontinued a late-stage study of aducanumab, an experimental therapy for Alzheimer’s disease.

17 Latest Hospital Mergers And Acquisitions

The total number of healthcare mergers and acquisitions hit a record high in 2018, and several deals have closed so far this year.

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