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Doctors Reckon With High Rate Of Suicide In Their Ranks

Alarms go off so frequently in emergency rooms, doctors barely notice. And then a colleague is wheeled in on a gurney, clinging to life, and that alarm becomes a deafening wake-up call.

Urgent Care Clinics Come To An Antibiotics Mea Culpa

American medicine has known for a while that it has an antibiotics-prescribing problem. It’s routine for the precious drugs to be given in the wrong doses, for the wrong period of time, and for the wrong conditions.

What Trump's Latest Changes Mean For The ACA

The Trump administration’s expansion of so-called “short-term” insurance plans is the latest step — and one of the most significant steps — in a slow and steady march away from the basic tenets of the Affordable Care Act.

For Most Common Heart Surgery, St. Luke's Has Been Among the Nation's Worst

A leading group of surgeons gave the Houston hospital poor marks for heart bypasses. Hospital officials acknowledge the low rating, but say outcomes have improved in the past year.

Plastic Surgeons Are Really Worried About Snapchat Dysmorphia

Ten years ago, a teenager might have come into a plastic surgery clinic clutching a photo of their favorite celebrity, professionally Photoshopped to centerfold-level perfection. These days, teens don’t want to look like celebrities anymore.

Paramedics Often Give This Shot After A Cardiac Arrest. New Data Shows It's Leading To Brain Damage

"One interpretation is that epinephrine can save the heart, but is too little, too late for the brain," said one expert.

Lyme Disease Now Found In All 50 States

If you thought you were safe from Lyme disease because you don't live in New England, where the tick-borne illness first appeared, think again. Now, all 50 states plus the District of Columbia have residents who have tested positive for Lyme, a bacterial infection that can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including joint aches, fatigue, facial palsy and neck stiffness.

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