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When Patient And Surgeon Meet In Cancun For Surgery

Donna Ferguson awoke in the resort city of Cancun before sunrise on a sweltering Saturday in July. She wasn’t headed to the beach. Instead, she walked down a short hallway from her Sheraton hotel and into Galenia Hospital.

Top US Cities For Work-Life Balance

Achieving work-life balance can be difficult, especially if you’re a hard-working physician who logs many hours at the office or in the hospital. But—believe it or not—the city you live in could affect the difficulty or ease with which you reach this goal. Some US cities are more conducive to work-life balance than others.

The Deadly Silence Of Physician Depression And Suicide

“It is high time for us to recognize that the physicians who spend so much of their lives caring for us are often suffering in silence, and effective interventions would be good medicine for all of us.”– Joan M. Anzia, MD

Most Commonly Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions

The prospect of misdiagnosing a patient’s medical condition will put a lump in any doctor’s throat. However, the error seems remarkably common, with some estimates pegging misdiagnoses among 12 million Americans, or 1 in every 20 patients, each year.

The System Has A Tremendous Advantage Over Physicians

My niece, whom we will call Anne, recently completed her residency. I remember Anne as a child: always smiling, always happy, idealistic. She excelled academically and chose medical school despite my reservations. I watched Anne proceed through medical school and residency, transforming before my eyes into an anxiety-riddled, sleep-deprived, irritable, and jaded physician.

What To Do When You Have A ‘Difficult Patient’

It’s likely that every physician reading this post has at least one difficult patient story. Try as you might, there was no getting through to this patient, who refused to do what you said. Perhaps you wonder if this communication breakdown could have been avoided.

Quality Rating Systems Get Low Marks From Researchers

Hospital quality ratings systems can misclassify hospital performance and provide conflicting information for healthcare consumers, eight physician leaders and researchers wrote in a commentary.

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