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Not All Doctors Are Physicians

A colleague recently sent me a link to the American College of Cathopathic Physicians a new organization whose mission “is to protect the professional autonomy and advocate for a full, broad scope of practice for DNPs as a ‘cathopathic physician’ completely equal in every way to our MD and DO counterparts.”

Jaw-Dropping, Eye-Popping Malpractice Suits In 2018

Malpractice—it’s the only suit that takes you to the cleaners. For most physicians in the United States, being sued for medical malpractice is not a matter of if but when. More than one-third of US physicians (34%) have been slapped with a suit, the association reported.

When Will The Stigma Of Mental Health End In Medicine?

Imagine being a cancer patient afraid of seeing an oncologist because they would likely need to discuss chemotherapy and all the lifestyle changes that it entails. Imagine being a patient with heart failure afraid of seeing the cardiologist because they may be prescribed a diuretic to remove excess fluid from their body and may need dietary counseling.

Stop Dehumanizing Doctors. Lives Are At Stake.

I want to talk about dehumanization in medicine. And, yes, part of this discussion is about our patients. But another part — just as important — is about the dehumanization of us, the doctors.

An FDA Approval Is A Boon For A Drug Maker, But Could Come At A Major Cost For Patients

Vickie Moored can walk again. Her words don’t slur, her vision isn’t blurred, and she no longer collapses every day.

I'm Not Your Nurse. I'm Your Doctor.

It’s 8:00 p.m., and it’s hour 14 in my 28-hour call shift at the large suburban hospital where I’m an intern. You demand to speak with a doctor now, right now. You cannot wait. Your mother is sick, and you want to know exactly what is going on.

New Ideas To Fight The Flu

How about a shot of ultraviolet light instead of a flu shot? With seasonal vaccines often proving ineffective, researchers work on germ-killing lamps and a ‘universal vaccine’ to keep the virus at bay

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