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Bitter Pill: Young Doctors Five Times More Stressed Than The Rest Of Us

It's hard to look after a patient if you can't look after yourself. High rates of suicide, depression, anxiety, substance misuse and self-medication are an ongoing problem among doctors and other medical and health professionals.

I'm A Doctor. When My Mother Was Dying I Wish Her Doctors Had Told Me The Truth.

Sometimes it feels like the great unspoken secret between doctors and nurses. The words that we dare not utter to patients and families. Perhaps it is our hope that we’re wrong. Perhaps we dread providing unwanted news. Perhaps we don’t want to face reality or extinguish our patients’ hope.

As Painkiller Supplies Dry Up Cartels Boost Profits

Heroin has become so pervasive in cities such as Cincinnati and so profitable for the cartels that supply it that even cops admit the sporadic arrests they make have little effect.

Survey: Rural Pays More Than NY, Chicago, San Francisco

Among other key findings, gender wage gap strongly persists among physicians as female docs make less regardless of geography, specialty. There are significant variations in compensation among physicians in the United State, with significant differences in pay across major cities, gender, and 48 specialities.

Which Country Has The World's Best Healthcare System?

We look at how patients pay for healthcare around the world and the general standard of care they might expect. Healthcare is a costly item in national budgets, but who gets the best value for money, and who the best outcomes? We compare the systems in some of the world’s leading countries for healthcare.

It's Time For Physicians To Fight Back. Now.

The science of medicine, the tests, and the treatments available are better than ever. It is health care bureaucracy that is the problem. But doctors, nurses, and patients bear the brunt of the dysfunction. Medical professionals are unable to practice, and patients are denied the care they need, even though it is readily available. Careers are being ruined, and lives lost along the way. It is time to fight back.

8 Things That Excellent Hospital Doctors Do

Good relationship between a patient and his or her physician is the cornerstone of superb medical care. That relationship is important when you know the doctor well. It may be even more important when you don’t, say when you are in the hospital.

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