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Physician Suicide Is An Occupational Health Crisis

I barely remember walking out of the hospital that day. After a nearly 30-hour residency shift, I was in a bit of a daze. I trudged across the main parking lot, staring absently at the coffee-colored snow beneath my boots. I have no memory of reaching the crosswalk to the main road or even stepping on to it. What I do recall is the loud, startling screech of brakes.

What To Do If You're Sexually Harassed By A Patient

With women now making up more than 50% of entering students at US and UK medical schools for the first time in history, they will have to contend with one major drawback in the field: sexual harassment by patients. Unfortunately, medical associations in the United States only investigate acts of sexual harassment perpetrated by peers and supervisors, not patients.

Viewpoint: To Beat Burnout, Let Physicians Exercise Autonomy

To prevent against burnout, hospital leadership should prioritize "latitude," or the ability for providers to use their best judgement when delivering care, according to an analysis published on athenaInsight.

How The War On Opioids Has Harmed Some Patients

In a recent article, “4 Steps Every Provider Must Take Before Prescribing an Opioid,” two lawyers detail the voluminous documentation doctors must collect and maintain to protect themselves against all these new anti-opioid rules.

Negotiation Tips For New Doctors

In an ideal world, we should all be compensated fairly for our services and skills. The reality, as we all experience, is an amalgam of mistakes and victories. One hopes that with time our skills will translate to a greater number of victories. Most greenhorns entering the workforce are unfortunately poorly equipped to assess their worth. I certainly was.

Must-Have Medical Apps For Primary Care

Earlier this year, we put together a list of what we thought were the best medical apps for health care providers. Now at the end of 2018, we’re augmenting that list to give you a full picture of what we think are must-haves medical apps for those in primary care.

New Indications For Currently Approved Drugs May Be Game Changers

A drug usually takes about 10 years to go from development to approval, and there can be many detours along the way—and more twists and turns even after approval. You may know the story of Viagra (sildenafil), for instance, which was initially investigated for treating hypertension and angina but eventually became a blockbuster drug for treating erectile dysfunction.

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