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Goodbye, Benadryl: It Is Time For You To Retire

Sometimes, old ideas and time-tested treatments remain the best. Newer doesn’t always mean better. Except in the case of one of our oldest antihistamines, tried-and-true Benadryl. It is time for that old drug to be retired, sent off to pasture, and never used again. Goodbye, Benadryl. Fare thee well, adieu, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Too Many Tests, Too Little Time: Doctors Face ‘Moral Injury’ Because Of A Business Model That Interferes With Patient Care

Physician Keith Corl was working in a Las Vegas emergency room when a patient arrived with chest pain. The patient, wearing his street clothes, had a two-minute exam in the triage area with a doctor, who ordered an X-ray and several other tests. But later, in the treatment area, when Corl met the man and lifted his shirt, it was clear the patient had shingles. Corl didn’t need any tests to diagnose the viral infection that causes a rash and searing pain.

Black Boxes: Health Warning Or Profit Warning?

“Boxed warnings” or “black boxes” are the strictest FDA label warnings. They appear on cigarettes, fluoroquinolones (for tendon rupture), Lamictal (for SJS and TEN), Accutane (birth defects), and other products with well-known risks.

The Vodka Trial: In Search Of A Treatment For Vocal Disorders, A Researcher Puts Patient Anecdotes To The Test

Mondays are vodka days. For the members of Dr. Kristina Simonyan’s lab, this is not a feeling but a fact — not a result of the workday but a necessary part of it. Everything takes place strictly according to protocol. When Karen Feeley arrived one Monday in April 2019, they gave her scrubs, flimsy blue slipper-socks, and a crinkled white lab coat, and after some initial testing, led her into what they call a “behavioral room” — a joyless place with the air of an unused office.

Are Physicians Allowed To Be Human?

I knew Friday was not going to be a good day. A leak in the ceiling of my family room. A pet who would need surgery. I was already stressed well before Friday.

Surgical Gown Recall Leaves Medical Centers Scrambling

Millions of surgical gowns made in China are being recalled because they may not be sterile. Surgeries are now being canceled in some hospitals.

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