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What Marie Kondo Can Teach Us About Physician Burnout

It seems you can’t open a magazine or surf the web these days without reading about Marie Kondo, the author of the bestseller, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Kondo has attained a cult-like status for her ability to help people improve their lives by radically reducing their stuff, and her new show on Netflix has inspired a national decluttering frenzy.

Why Doctors Date Other Doctors

Why do some doctors not only date other doctors, but go on to marry them as well? Roughly 40% of physicians will marry another physician or healthcare professional, according to a survey of almost 5,000 physicians.

How One Insurer's Mistake Wrecked A Practice's Quality Score

Recently, in the midst of a large patient safety and quality improvement project trying to bridge gaps in breast cancer screening among our patients, we discovered that one of the large databases of patients who were attributed to us contained innumerable patients who had never been to our practice.

Physicians Don't Just Suffer Burnout. They Suffer Moral Injuries.

Physicians on the front lines of health care today are sometimes described as going to battle. It’s an apt metaphor. Physicians, like combat soldiers, often face a profound and unrecognized threat to their well-being: moral injury.

Bigger Physician Bonuses Linked To Better Patient Care

Increasing physician bonus size may improve care quality, researchers report.

Prices, Not Use, Drive Higher Healthcare Costs

Higher prices, outpatient services and mental health and substance use admissions drove average annual healthcare spending for people with employer-sponsored health insurance to a new high of more than $5,600 in 2017, reported a new study.

5 Struggles Millennial Doctors Will Never Understand

As technology continues to rapidly evolve and create an increasingly digitally dependent society, it’s easy to forget that there was once a time when being a physician was even more demanding. With state-of-the-art facilities, coordinated care teams, and breakthrough therapeutics now the standard of care, the practice of medicine has become a little less challenging than in previous decades. But doctors didn’t always have it so easy.

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