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Covid-19 Was Spreading in China Before 1st Confirmed Cases

The number, and genetic sequencing, of the first cases identified by China suggest coronavirus was spreading before early December 2019

The United States Earns A D+ On The Vaccine Effort

The United States has, so far, earned a solid D+ on the vaccine effort. The high mark is not an F because people are actually being vaccinated. There are a multitude of factors that are making this already incredibly complex situation unnecessarily convoluted.

10 Best, Worst States For Healthcare In 2021

Iowa is this year's best state for healthcare, while South Carolina is the worst, according to an annual report.

It’s Time To End Draconian Hospital Visitation Policies During Covid-19

We were only a few miles away from the hospital, but we might as well have been in another galaxy. Normally I wouldn’t have minded that feeling since I’ve spent most of my adult life in hospitals going through the different larval stages a medical trainee must on their way to their final form of an attending physician.

Why Is The Pandemic Crushing Some Countries More Than Others?

While the virus has ravaged rich nations, reported death rates in poorer ones remain relatively low. What probing this epidemiological mystery can tell us about global health.

Rabies Is Terrifying But Rare. Are We Overtreating It?

Each year, an estimated 55,000 Americans receive prophylactic rabies shots. Studies say many are unnecessary.

Lagging Vaccinations In Developing Countries May Prolong Pandemic

In the race to vaccinate the world against Covid-19, developing countries are running dangerously behind as mutations of the virus make it harder to catch up—a situation that could spell at least another year of humanitarian and economic misery for poor nations.

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