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When Should Insurance Companies Be Held Responsible For Medical Malpractice?

In July, 2009, the family of Massachusetts teenager Yarushka Rivera went to their local Walgreens to pick up Topomax, an anti-seizure drug that had been keeping her epilepsy in check for years. Rivera had insurance coverage through MassHealth, the state’s Medicaid insurance program for low-income children, and never ran into obstacles obtaining this life-saving medication.

Are You Making As Much As Your Fellow Physicians?

An online social network for physicians, published its 2018 Physician Compensation Report earlier last year. The document provided important insights on trends in physician compensation, and touched on issues with great social import, such as the gender pay gap.

How Google Is Quietly Influencing Medicine

With nearly 80 percent of internet users searching online for health-related information, it’s no wonder the catchphrase “Dr. Google” has caught on, to the delight of many searchers and the dismay of many real doctors.

A Doctor's Encouraging Words More Effective Than Many May Realize, Study Finds

When physicians are warm and reassuring, patients' health outcomes may improve significantly, according to Lauren Howe and Kari Leibowitz, social psychologists at Stanford (Calif.) University..

How Physicians Can Retire Early: 7 Steps To Follow

Retiring early as a doctor is surprisingly difficult given the typical doctor income. There are four main reasons for this – the heavy debt load to enter the career, the very late start to earning a significant salary (most physicians leave residency at an age older than some FIRE bloggers retire at), the temptation of a high income, and the “doctor factor” I’ll get into later.

How Should Salespeople Sell To Doctors?

Two device salesmen recently came unannounced to our small private gastroenterology practice. They were hawking a product that could quickly and non-invasively determine how much scar tissue had formed in a patient’s liver, a useful tool for assessing patients with hepatitis and many other liver conditions.

Be A Better Doctor In Just 5 Minutes A Day. Seriously.

As a trained medical expert, you likely see right through all of the self-transformation hype. You know you won’t get six-pack abs, increase productivity or double your salary in just 5 minutes a day. But in areas where you’re really struggling, sometimes 5 minutes is all you need to start building momentum to make meaningful change.

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