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I Got Subpoenaed As A Witness. What Do I Do?

You're a clinician. You had a patient die under your care, and now your hospital is being sued. You are not named in the lawsuit, but you are being asked to give a deposition. How much of your time is this going to take?

Our Medical Training Has Been Outsourced

Reflexively, I often feel my breath catch, and my eyeballs roll ever-so-slightly when a patient leads with, “I saw on the internet …”

Uber, Lyft See $15B Opportunity In Healthcare

Uber and Lyft have long been competing to take riders to work, to the movies or to the airport. Increasingly, they also are jockeying for the chance to give patients subsidized rides to the doctor’s office.

Scope Of Practice Expansion: Patient Safety Is Sacrificed For Greater Access

When a patient seeks the care of a professional, they expect that person to be well trained, experienced, and constantly continuing their education. As an ophthalmologist, I completed a 4-year undergraduate program at Virginia Commonwealth University, 4 years of medical school training at The University of North Texas Health Science Center, a year of a rotating internship, and a 3-year residency program in ophthalmology at Tulsa Regional Medical Center.

Newly Unsealed Exhibits In Opioid Case Reveal Inner Workings Of The Drug Industry

Newly unsealed documents in a landmark lawsuit Tuesday in Cleveland show the pressure within drug companies to sell opioids in the face of numerous red flags during the height of the epidemic.

How A Data Detective Exposed Suspicious Medical Trials

Anesthesiologist John Carlisle has spotted problems in hundreds of research papers — and spurred a leading medical journal to change its practice.

3 Ways Doctors Can Better Manage Free Time

It’s possible that there isn’t anything more vital to the mental health of the American physician than free time. Under the increased pressures of modern medicine, this time to decompress, recover, and recreate is essential. Time is our most precious resource, and time away from work is even more finite. Here’s how to better manage free time so that you enjoy life more and come back to work refreshed.

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