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The Self-Inflicted Death Of The Physician

The eulogy of a profession should be a relatively uncommon undertaking. And yet, the death of the physician appears to be such a fait accompli that one feels late to the wake. It has been a long and lingering death, like the proverbial frog in the pot, and but there are moments, increasing in frequency in my day-to-day clinical practice when it seems so sudden, unexpected and even surreal.

9 Types of Manipulative Patients

One of the more common complaints that I hear from medical practitioners (especially new practitioners) is, "These manipulative patients are driving me crazy!" Well, to be honest, I ran into a lot of manipulative patients when I worked in the ER, as well.

Here's Why You're Losing Patients

What prompts a patient to choose one provider over another? In the past, referrals and recommendations from friends and family used to reign supreme, but now prospective patients are more likely to start their search online. Their criteria for what qualifies a good physician has grown more complex and the way in which they are searching for that criteria has changed.

Physician Compensation Grew Most For These 5 Specialties

Physician compensation increased across the board from 2017 to 2018, with primary care physicians earning a 3.4 percent increase, specialty physicians earning a 4.4 percent increase and advanced practice providers earning 2.9 percent more, according to data from the...

Do’s And Don’ts For Off-Label Prescribing

According to US Department of Health and Human Services, one in five prescriptions is written for an off-label use—that is, an indication not approved by the FDA. Now consider that only an estimated 30% of off-label prescriptions are evidence based. Makes you think twice about the practice, doesn’t it?

Physician Burnout Costs Industry $4.6B Annually

Physician burnout costs the healthcare industry between $2.6 billion and $6.3 billion each year, according to a new study. The researchers calculated a baseline of about $4.6 billion in costs from turnover, reduced productivity and other burnout-related factors.

When Physician Pay Packages Become Hospital Kickbacks

For a hospital that had once labored to break even, Wheeling Hospital displayed abnormally deep pockets when recruiting doctors. To lure Dr. Adam Tune, an anesthesiologist from nearby Pittsburgh who specialized in pain management, the Catholic hospital built a clinic for him to run on its campus in Wheeling, W.Va.

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