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Americans Are Delaying Medical Care, And It’s Devastating Health-Care Providers

As coronavirus infections spread and sickened more people in March, visits to hospitals around the country actually began to drop off. By April, according to an analysis of smartphone location data, that drop had turned into a crash.

5 Reasons Why Your Anesthesiologist Is A Medical Ninja

Think about this: An anesthesiologist’s job is to protect you from the harm your surgeon is causing. Seriously. A surgeon’s job, at its very essence, is to damage your body. Now undeniably, it is with the intention of causing greater good and/or fixing something that is already broken.

Shutdowns Stopped 60 Million Coronavirus Infections In The U.S.

Shutdown orders prevented about 60 million novel coronavirus infections in the United States and 285 million in China, according to a research study published Monday that examined how stay-at-home orders and other restrictions limited the spread of the contagion.

It Took A Pandemic To Reveal The Secret Of Health Care Workers

It took a pandemic to reveal the “secret.” It took a pandemic to realize the importance of health care workers. Ironic, isn’t it? It took a pandemic to know what doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, laboratory technicians, and environmental services personnel go through every day. Yes, this is what they do every day. Surprise, surprise!

Should You Fly Yet? Here's What An Epidemiologist And An Exposure Scientist Say

We don't know about you, but we're ready to travel. And that typically means flying. We have been thinking through this issue as moms and as an exposure scientist and infectious disease epidemiologist. While we've decided personally that we're not going to fly right now, we will walk you through our thought process on what to consider and how to minimize your risks.

Shaming Smokers Can Backfire

Study shows that putting smokers down in an effort to keep them from lighting up doesn’t work, a finding that some say has implications for other addictions.

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