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When Covid Hits Memory Care

“Have you ever been on a cruise?” Betty asks. It’s a strange question in the age of COVID-19, where thousands of people have been stranded on large ships over the past few months. I’m a wound physician who rounds at nursing homes, and my gloved hand holds her warm, wrinkled foot. I’m looking at a wound on her ankle that is almost healed.

The Economic Argument For Saving Lives

The COVID-19 narrative is strong and pervasive: we must sacrifice either jobs or lives. This debate has seemingly polarized our society on moral and ethical grounds. For many healthcare professionals, the intrinsic value of life is self-evident. No price can ethically be placed on the value of health and human life.

Americans Postponed Medical Treatments This Spring. Who Will Get Seen First?

In March, when all but the most pressing surgical procedures ground to a halt to save staff and precious supplies for the fight against covid-19, operating suites across the country became nearly unrecognizable. At one hospital in Boston, where I live and work, more than 40 operating rooms went dark, 25 of them stripped of ventilators and other equipment — like oysters that had been shucked and devoured.

Study: Primary Care Doctors Experience More Burnout And Anxiety Than Other Healthcare Professionals

Primary care physicians experience more burnout and anxiety than other healthcare professionals, and this could likely worsen from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent study found.

Questions You Should Ask Before Elective Surgery During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Many states are beginning to reopen, and hospitals are once again scheduling elective surgeries. The question on many patients’ minds is, “Should I undergo elective surgery right now?” Although 31 percent of people have chosen to delay care and 50 percent of people over 65 have decided to wait to receive care during COVID-19, making this decision will depend on each individual’s comfort level with going to a healthcare facility at this point in the pandemic.

10 Ways To Reduce Operating Expenses And Sustain Your Practice

It’s likely you’re spending less time at your practice because patients are leery about coming in for an office visit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact it’s having on practice revenue is daunting, especially for independent physicians.

The Promise And The Peril Of Virtual Health Care

During the coronavirus pandemic, telemedicine looks like the future of health care. Is it a future that we want? The call came in to the emergency department at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, a twenty-five-bed facility in Lebanon, New Hampshire, around 2 p.m. on a weekday in mid-March. Patient X had arrived by car, and, by the time he reached the hospital, the pain in his legs was so severe that he couldn’t move.

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