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It’s Scary As Hell To Be A Doctor Right Now

I’m not gonna lie. It’s scary as hell to be a doctor right now. In Italy, which is our projected immediate future, up to 10 percent of infected people are health care workers. Health care workers are also more likely to experience severe and critical diseases.

Keeping The Coronavirus From Infecting Health-Care Workers

What Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s success is teaching us about the pandemic. The message is getting out: #StayHome. In this early phase of the coronavirus pandemic, with undetected cases accelerating transmission even as testing ramps up, that is critical.

Pandemics Spread In Hospitals. Changes In Design And Protocols Can Save Lives.

For now, move hand sanitizer closer to beds and add lids to toilet seats. Later, build wards with private rooms and separate entrances.

A Plea From Doctors In Italy: To Avoid Covid-19 Disaster, Treat More Patients At Home

A dozen physicians at the epicenter of Italy’s Covid-19 outbreak issued a plea to the rest of the world on Saturday, going beyond the heartbreaking reports of overwhelmed health care workers there and a seemingly uncontrollable death toll to warn that medical practice during a pandemic may need to be turned on its head — with care delivered to many patients at home.

Medical Students Can Help Combat Covid-19. Don’t Send Them Home

Last week, while seeing a patient in the emergency department of Stanford Hospital, I witnessed the well-orchestrated commotion that follows a suspected case of coronavirus. Masked nurses, doctors, and janitors quickly isolated the patient and began disinfecting surfaces. A technician who had been in contact with the patient on transport nervously asked the staff, “How will I find out if they test positive? Who will tell me?”

I’m An ER Doctor. The Coronavirus Is Already Overwhelming Us.

My colleagues and I are trained to handle crisis situations. This is a different kind of test. I’m on my eighth hour Saturday working in suffocating protective gear — mask, face shield, gown and gloves — when an elderly patient is wheeled into Room 23 of my hospital’s emergency department.

Losing Sense Of Smell May Be A Hidden Symptom Of Coronavirus, Doctors Warn

While every case is different, the telltale symptoms of the novel coronavirus have been widely agreed upon — a high fever, persistent cough or shortness of breath. In the most severe instances, those afflicted have reported confusion or difficulty breathing, and sometimes, anxiety is the most prevailing symptom of all.

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