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Please Make The Tragic Death Of This Physician Mean Something

I hugged her for the last time on March 15, waving goodbye as she drove away from my apartment complex. On April 15, I got a call that my friend was dead. She had unceremoniously taken her own life, unable to overcome the crippling feeling of hopelessness that plagued her after repeatedly being prevented from fulfilling her dream.

Historic Financial Decline Hits Doctors, Dentists And Hospitals — Despite Covid-19 — Threatening Overall Economy

Even as the coronavirus pandemic draws attention and resources to the nation’s doctors and hospitals, the health-care industry is suffering a historic collapse in business that is emerging as one of the most powerful forces hurting the U.S. economy and a threat to a potential recovery.

A Day In The Life Of A Physician During The Pandemic

Alarm clock. Wake up. Groggy. Haven’t slept well in weeks. Work out. Pilates. Run. Meditate. Routine. I think it helps. Coffee. Shower. Eat something. Peanut butter on an English muffin.

It's Always 'Safety Third' In Emergency Medicine— Covid-19 Or Not, The First Priority Is Patients

Emergency medicine physicians have a long history of caring for large volumes of patients in challenging, resource-limited, and overburdened environments. Despite many forefathers and foremothers dedicating their work to medical care in the emergency setting, Emergency Medicine as a boarded specialty, is relatively young, having only been recognized as a specialty in 1979.

What We Don’t Know About The Coronavirus

We think of covid-19 as a disease of the respiratory tract. When future generations look back on this pandemic, its iconic symbol will probably be the ventilator. But, although respiratory problems are at the core of the disease, covid-19 has revealed itself to be more than a straightforward viral pneumonia.

Infect Volunteers With Covid-19 In The Name Of Research? A Proposal Lays Bare A Minefield Of Issues

In 2016, a team of scientists asked the National Institutes of Health for permission to develop a “human challenge model” for Zika virus infections — a sometimes controversial tool to fast-track research on vaccines and drugs. Under the model, healthy volunteers would be infected in a highly controlled setting.

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