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COVID-19 Is A War On Two Fronts

I’m exhausted. As the pandemic rages on, the mental toll of dealing with COVID-19 has started to wear on me. As a practicing hospitalist in the Midwest impacted by one of the many hotspots caused by the meatpacking industry, I have spent a fair bit of time with this virus on the frontline.

The Germs That Transformed History

For eons, epidemics have caused mass deaths and social upheaval, with far-reaching effects on politics, trade, migration, colonization and conquest. The Covid-19 pandemic is an almost unique phenomenon in world history. The only precedent for its rapid spread to every continent, killing people everywhere and devastating both local economies and world trade, was the flu pandemic of 1918-19.

4 Small Changes To Help Your Practice Now

This time of COVID-19 has brought us to a scenario of scale and scope that most had never planned for. Whether you are at a small practice or a large one, you are likely looking for ways to rapidly evolve your business and patient care processes to survive this global pandemic.

Coronavirus May Have Caused Hundreds Of Additional Deaths In Florida

An analysis shows a spike in unexpected deaths since late March. Experts say they relate to the pandemic directly and indirectly.

Touching A Nerve: Dental Offices Reopening For Routine Care Amid Pandemic

The shutdown has drilled deep into dentists' finances, and they have been eager to reopen as states have relaxed their orders.

Key Considerations For Every Physician Before Acquiring A Practice

Deciding whether to buy your own practice is among the biggest financial decisions a physician or team of doctors will make over the course of a career in medicine.

COVID-19 Continues To Waylay Healthcare Workers

Of 763 respondents in a survey -- 86% of whom were physicians -- 4.91% reported they had or currently have COVID-19. The findings come from an ongoing poll conducted every 2 weeks to monitor challenges U.S. healthcare workers face during the COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent survey took place from April 29 to May 3 and was distributed by email and posted on the site.

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