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Attacks On Osteopathic Medicine Are Attacks On All Physicians

It was distressing to hear and read recent and ongoing disparaging comments about osteopathic medicine, attacking one of our own, from remarks by Rachel Maddow to tweets by Cher and a derogatory video, since removed, portraying a female DO by Figs Scrubs.

Hospitals Balance Covid-19 Care With More-Lucrative Services During Latest Virus Surge

Hospitals are holding off as long as possible before halting procedures to make room for fresh waves of Covid-19 patients, a reversal from earlier this year when facilities postponed care, leading to steep financial losses and public-health risks.

How Doctors Are Losing Money Every Time A Patient Pays A Bill

A practicing anesthesiologist for the past 14 years, when COVID hit, and the ORs came to an abrupt halt, I needed to occupy my mind. An opportunity to learn about the business behind running a practice came to me via a good friend who is a founding member of an award-winning Fintech on a mission to make a change in the credit card processing industry.

Physicians Among COVID Long-Haulers

Months after he first developed COVID-19 symptoms in March, Paul Garner, MD, of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in England, still feels the effects of the disease.

The Covid-19 Tipping Point Doctors Fear Most Is Getting Closer

When Theodore Iwashyna cared for his first Covid-19 patient in March, he felt a wave of terror wash over him. “I was convinced I was going to either die or get my family sick,” the pulmonologist and professor of critical care medicine at the University of Michigan recalls.

Panel: Aerosols Driving COVID-19 Spread

Compelling evidence indicates that COVID-19 transmission via small-particle aerosols, not droplets, may be driving the pandemic, a panel of aerosol researchers said on Thursday.

Physicians Less Likely To Vote Than General Public, Study Finds

Voter participation among physicians was 14 percentage points lower than that of the general population between 2006 and 2018, according to a recent study.

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