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Why Do Doctors Treat Each Other So Brutally?

Medicine has created a culture where public embarrassment, bullying, and passive-aggression have become pedagogy. How can we seek to care for others, when we treat our own so cruelly?

Here's How You Can Get A Straight Salary

According to results of a 2017 survey, 70% of general physicians and 78% of specialists said they’d rather be paid by straight salary (or paid by salary with a few incentives) than by volume of services. But the straight-salary model doesn’t come without potential downsides, and it won’t be easy for hospitals and practices to transition from paying physicians by fee-for-service to straight salaries.

Why Health Care Wastes $750 Billion Every Year

Every year the health-care industry wastes an estimated $750 billion, and while employers overwhelmingly perceive this to be a problem, about 60% are not actively managing the issue.

How To Survive A Medical Liability Lawsuit

I do not feel that I truly survived my lawsuit. Sure, I am alive, but the emotional toll it took on me during the four years that we co-existed was tremendous. That being said, I do feel that it taught me several things that may be helpful to others.

Why A Physician Should Get And Improve A LinkedIn Profile

Whether you’re looking for a new position or just wanting to connect with colleagues, LinkedIn is a great resource to advance your career. As a healthcare professional, having an online presence can understandably make you uneasy, especially when it comes to concerns about privacy or potential HIPAA violations.

Why You Should Consider Concierge Medicine

I practiced general internal medicine from June 1979 until November 2003. Immediately after training, I became an employed physician of an older internist covering my employer’s patients and building my practice for two years before embarking on my own.

Isn't It Time For Price Transparency?

One of the most important factors on patients’ minds is affordability of care. According to a recent McKinsey study, 72 percent of consumers are concerned about at least one kind of health care expense, be it related to health insurance, routine medical procedures, end-of-life care or otherwise.

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