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I’ve Prescribed Opioids To Patients. And I’m Not A Villain.

You’ve probably heard this one in one format or another: kid gets wisdom teeth yanked, dentist prescribes a handful of Vicodin, next thing you know, he’s on the street busking for change to pay the man for the big H.

Lawyers Have Figured Out What Doctors Haven’t

Dear lawyers: You got it right. Your operations make sense. I know this is wrong for me to say — doctors and lawyers are often at odds with one another — but I have to tip my cap here. I have this unsettling feeling that — from a professional standpoint — your billing practices make sense. And the way you do your documentation also makes sense. Your delegation and hierarchy make sense. You’ve evolved a system whereby you run things in a way that lets you focus on practicing law.

Choosing Family Over Medicine: Why I Decided To Leave Clinical Medicine

When my obstetrician told me I was not going back to my clinic that afternoon due to severe preeclampsia, I was so indoctrinated that my first thought was of the inconvenience to my patients who would need to be rescheduled. Only a few minutes later did it register that I would be giving birth sooner than I had anticipated, and my new life as “working mother” would begin.

It's Time to Nix Medicine's Most Mundane Tasks

Across the length and breadth of healthcare, every member of every team seems to be overwhelmed and bordering on burnout due to an overwhelming number of tasks that are all too often exceedingly below their levels of expertise.

How AI In The Exam Room Could Reduce Physician Burnout

A surge of new healthcare products from wearable consumer health trackers to diagnostic algorithms promising to improve medical outcomes and costs with artificial intelligence (AI) is prompting physicians and hospital executives to ask a fundamental question: “Are these technologies solving the right problems?”

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