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Dr. Evan Levine: Where The Worst And Most Dangerous Doctors Are Sometimes The Best

I am a great doctor and lived with chimps in Mongolia for a hundred years. I‘m sitting down one night reviewing the credentials of a physician I know to be a duplicitous character who was just arrested for allegedly selling prescription pain medications, opiates, to any drug seeker who could pay him.

A Game To Help Doctors Ask Tough Questions

As Dr. Danielle McCarthy listens to a man beg for a prescription for painkillers, she weighs her possible responses.

3D Printing Just Got Interesting For Doctors

Something that should capture your attention. Here are 7 amazing body parts that can now be 3D printed.

US Medical Schools Expanding Opioid Training

U.S. medical schools are now expanding training to address the increasing number of overdose deaths.

Not Everyone Benefits From More Intense BP Treatment

Treatment according to the 2017 ACC/AHA blood pressure treatment guideline definitely benefits some patient groups but could harm others, according to results from five new studies.

Should Doctors Really Be Using Social Media & Technology?

Are you a technophobe? Increasingly, the answer may be no. There's a stereotype that says doctors shun technology that might threaten patients' privacy and their own pocketbooks. But a new breed of physicians is texting health messages to patients, tracking disease trends on Twitter, identifying medical problems on Facebook pages and communicating with patients through email.

Four Tips For Surviving Medical School

After the stress of applying to medical school and the whirlwind of emotions once you've been accepted, fears about moving out and making new friends are the icing on the cake.

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