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To Extinguish Burnout, Bring Back Physician Autonomy

In his article, “Medical education needs to stop burning out students — now,” Augustine Choi suggests the culture of medical education is responsible for increasing numbers of depression and burnout among medical students, and suggests that more programs are needed to address self-care and wellness in order to build resilience.

The Physician’s Role In The Fat-Shaming Epidemic

Fat shaming has come back into the collective consciousness in a big way, following James Corden’s rebuke of Bill Maher’s comments that “some amount of shame is good.” Corden, as many have pointed out, is spot-on in his assessment: No amount of fat-shaming is going to help solve the current obesity epidemic. It will, in fact, make it much worse.

Nearly 100 Doctors Have Tried To Diagnose This Man’s Devastating Illness — Without Success

For Bob Schwartz, one of the hardest things about his unnamed illness is sleeping in snatches. When Schwartz, who battles insomnia, does manage to fall asleep, he wakes up every 90 minutes to urinate copiously. Most nights he sleeps a total of four hours.

Medicine Must Stop Eating Its Own

Despair has been trying to find me again. That fickle nightmare is breathing down my neck once more. I know her all too well — she has nipped at my heels most of my career and has kept me running for the past 20 years. Running from friendships, running from family, running from loss, running from debt, running from jobs, running from guilt — running as hard as I can, just to run another day.

In Tiny Doses, An Addiction Medication Moonlights As A Treatment For Chronic Pain

Lori Pinkley, a 50-year-old from Kansas City, Mo., has struggled with puzzling chronic pain since she was 15. She's had endless disappointing visits with doctors. Some said they couldn't help her. Others diagnosed her with everything from fibromyalgia to lipedema to the rare Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

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