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A Doctor’s Quest From Survivor To Shark Tank To Quarantine

I’m my breaking point! Frustrated, exhausted, caffeine-deprived, and surrounded by people who don’t listen to me, I’m not trained for this, and I am ready to tag out. OK, granted, it is only day two of distance learning for my third grader and kindergartener. However, this could also describe my first two days as a castaway on Survivor island.

14 Billionaires Who Earned Their Riches In Healthcare

The billionaires -- who made their fortunes in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, or medical devices -- were worth more than $66 billion in 2020, a fraction of the $32 trillion fortune of all 400 people on the list.

To Better Take Care Of Patients, We Need To Take Care Of Ourselves

We all know by now that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world altogether. There is no question that stressors in our lives are more than ever before. This year’s Fall will be the most dangerous of Falls. So what does it mean for the physicians?

Study Finds 100% Death Rate In Covid-19 Patients After CPR

All 54 COVID-19 patients who underwent cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in a Michigan hospital died, leading to questions about the risks and benefits of performing a procedure that exposes healthcare personnel to the coronavirus amid limited supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE).

'It's Scarier Than Having A Surgery': A Year Later, Uncertainty Around Medical Deferrals Remains

It's been a year since federal immigration authorities re-started what's known as medical deferred action after quietly trying to eliminate it without any public notice.

Hospital Pays $50M To Settle Charges It Overpaid Docs For Referrals

Wheeling Hospital in West Virginia will pay $50 million to settle claims that it overpaid physicians -- in some cases, more than $1 million a year -- to drive referrals to its hospital, the U.S. Department of Justice announced.

Foreign Masks, Fear And A Fake Certification: Staff At Csl Plasma Say Conditions At Donation Centers Aren’t Safe

Heather Steadman, a nurse at a CSL Plasma donation center near Pittsburgh, was about to enter a tiny closed-door room to administer an exam when the doctor handed her a mask in a translucent wrapper labeled KN95. The folded white mask, visible behind Chinese characters, was all her employer was providing to protect her from COVID-19.