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Doctors Are Killing Themselves. Who Is Taking Notice?

I am a psychiatrist. My field has been marred with human rights violations and treatments that though well-meaning, did not yield the results that were intended.

Scientists Push Back On Herd-Immunity Approach To Covid-19

Touted by the White House, the Great Barrington Declaration—which calls for ending lockdowns and isolating the vulnerable—is flawed, many scientists say.

If You Don’t Want To Wear A Mask, Come To Work With Me

I am an emergency medicine physician in an inner-city emergency department, and I would like to start by stating a simple truth: coronavirus is not going away any time soon.

More Evidence Points to Role of Blood Type in COVID-19

Two studies find ties to infection susceptibility, severity, but with caveats. Additional evidence continued to suggest blood type may not only play a role in COVID-19 susceptibility, but also severity of infection, according to two retrospective studies.

Scientists Have A Powerful New Tool For Controlling The Coronavirus: Its Own Genetic Code.

The United States, home to the world’s biggest outbreak, has failed to tap the technique’s full potential.`The six British patients seemed to have little in common besides this: Each was dealing with kidney failure, and each had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Stigma Against D.O.s Had Been Dissipating Until Trump’s Doctor Took the Spotlight

Dr. Katherine Pannel was initially thrilled to see President Donald Trump’s physician is a doctor of osteopathic medicine. A practicing D.O. herself, she loved seeing another glass ceiling broken for the type of doctor representing 11% of practicing physicians in the U.S. and now 1 in 4 medical students in the country.

What Happened When Medical Residents Asked For Hazard Pay

As a child in Southern California, Nicholus Warstadt spent a lot of time in emergency rooms on account of his severe asthma, and he often wondered how doctors knew how to make people feel better.

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