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If A Doctor Has A Bad Day, Someone Dies. Remember That.

For what seemed like an hour, I stood staring at the flat lines scrolling endlessly across my monitor in the OR. The once pulsatile waves, rendered useless and flat due to the absence of a beating heart. After a frenzied six hours of pouring blood into the patient while it poured back out of her just as fast...

My Hand Surgeon Should Have Been Paid $4.5 Billion. Instead, He Didn’t Get Even $1,000.

I believe that health care providers aren’t paid anything close to what they are worth to society. I don’t mean this in the sappy emotional sense in which the “value of any human’s life is infinite,” or any other subjective standard. I am talking about real-world, measurable economic impacts. Using the entrepreneurs’ 10% reward as a guide, health care providers create astronomical value for which they are paid a small token.

The Decision To Undergo Robotic Surgery Is A More Than Just About The Length Of The Scar

Over the last three decades, surgery has slowly but steadily evolved towards a minimally invasive technique. The standard of care for appendicitis now involves creating three half-inch incisions and using a laparoscopic technique to remove the appendix. This technique uses a camera to see inside the body via a large screen. Instruments that are over a foot long are used.

10 Cheapest Cities For Healthcare

McAllen, Texas, is the most affordable city for healthcare, with residents spending 30.1 percent less on healthcare than the nationwide average, according to a new study.

How Veterans Affairs Failed To Stop A Pathologist Who Misdiagnosed 3,000 Cases

By the time he and his wife, Sara, faced Veterans Affairs medical staff across a conference table in September, Kelly Copelin had lost 75 pounds and could swallow only small pieces of solid food. Radiation therapy had blistered his throat.

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