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Doctors Show Up. Until They Won’t Anymore.

There are many jobs where people work long and hard. But I will assert that none train as long and hard, and at so much expense, as doctors/surgeons that manage the emergencies for their specialties and take night call, on top of managing a full-time practice.

U.S. Medical Supply Shortage Plaguing More Than Just Tests For Covid-19

Backorders limit screens for UTIs, gonorrhea, other infections. Manufacturers have prioritized production of Covid-19 tests.

Brain Study Reveals One Type Of Exercise Increases Stress Resilience

Exercise does a lot more than make you sweat. It helps you cope with stress down the line. In times of serious stress, people might turn to exercise to blow off steam and shake off nervous energy. However, despite anecdotal evidence, the link between working out and relieving stress isn't well understood by scientists.

Med School Applications Soaring

Potential for even stiffer competition as student slots largely unchanged. Applications to medical schools are up sharply over this time last year.

The Importance Of Holding Space

Today I wanted to talk about a concept that is very near and dear to my heart: Holding space. Have you ever heard of it? Do you know how to describe it?

10 Ways To Improve Patient Interactions While Wearing A Mask

Face masks keep us safe, but do make communication more challenging. A new family medicine resident recently wrote to us about the challenges communicating with patients while wearing a mask.

For Many Pandemic Victims, Lingering Effects Stress Insurance Coverage

Doctors and researchers warn that the need for extended and expensive care could burden public safety-net programs like Medicare.

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