Jun 29, 2021 Heart inflammation after COVID-19 shots higher than expected in study of U.S. military
Jun 29, 2021 Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine shows promise against Delta variant in lab study
Jun 29, 2021 N.Y. jury urged to hold drugmakers liable for U.S. opioid crisis
Jun 29, 2021 Mexico reports 5,711 new COVID-19 infections, 195 more deaths
Mar 18, 2021 Europe's summer holiday is in peril - Morgan Stanley says
Mar 18, 2021 Britain says delay to Serum vaccine delivery contributed to supply squeeze
Mar 18, 2021 Existing COVID vaccines may protect against Brazilian variant - Oxford study
Mar 18, 2021 Biden says 65% of people 65 or older have received at least one COVID vaccine shot
Mar 18, 2021 Germany, France Among Nations to Resume Use of AstraZeneca Vaccine After Regulators Back Shot
Mar 18, 2021 U.S. to share 4 million doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine with Mexico, Canada
Mar 17, 2021 U.S. administers 113 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines - CDC
Mar 17, 2021 U.S. to ramp up COVID-19 screening in schools as part of $12 billion testing effort
Mar 17, 2021 COVID-19 reinfection rare, but more common in older people, study finds
Mar 17, 2021 Thai sniffer dogs can detect COVID-19 in sweat, project shows
Mar 17, 2021 Benefits outweigh the risks of AstraZeneca COVID shot as review continues - WHO
Mar 12, 2021 mRNA vaccines spur lymph nodes for longer-term protection; COVID-19 test accuracy may vary by time of day
Jul 06, 2020 U.S. coronavirus deaths surpass 130,000
Jul 06, 2020 Faltering AIDS battle risks 10-year setback from COVID-19, UN warns
Jul 06, 2020 WHO reviewing report urging new guidance over airborne spread of coronavirus
Jul 06, 2020 U.S. CDC reports 2,886,267 coronavirus cases
Jul 02, 2020 'Very little risk' that pets can infect owners with COVID, WHO says
Jul 01, 2020 U.S. COVID-19 deaths likely higher than reported, study shows
Jul 01, 2020 Reopenings stall as U.S. records nearly 50,000 cases of COVID-19 in single day
Jun 30, 2020 EU excludes United States from 'safe' travel list
Jun 30, 2020 Fake contact tracing part of 'rapidly evolving' coronavirus fraud, U.S. DOJ warns
Jun 27, 2020 What doctors have learned about fighting COVID-19
Jun 26, 2020 Antibody test accuracy unclear; COVID-19 risks higher for pregnant women
Jun 26, 2020 Scientists just beginning to understand the many health problems caused by COVID-19
Jun 25, 2020 Severe COVID-19 can damage the brain, preliminary study finds
Jun 24, 2020 Type of ultraviolet light kills airborne coronavirus; effect on platelets helps explain blood clot issues
Jun 19, 2020 U.S. hospitals in hard hit regions step up use of steroids on sickest COVID-19 patients
Jun 17, 2020 Self-cleaning mask can kill viruses with heat from phone charger, researchers say
Jun 16, 2020 Under 20s around half as susceptible to COVID-19, study finds
Jun 15, 2020 Virus more efficient at infection after mutation; diseased lungs more receptive to virus
Jun 12, 2020 WHO recommends breastfeeding, says no live coronavirus found in mothers' milk
Jun 12, 2020 Young U.S. men having a lot less sex in the 21st century, study shows
Jun 10, 2020 U.S. states accuse 26 drugmakers of generic drug price fixing in sweeping lawsuit
May 29, 2020 Saturated hospitals, airlifts as California border region virus cases surge
Apr 28, 2020 New York coronavirus hospitalizations drop to month low, governor says
Apr 28, 2020 Global coronavirus cases pass three million as lockdowns begin to ease
Apr 14, 2020 New ventilator-sharing device eases treatment of two COVID-19 patients at once
Apr 14, 2020 New York hospitalizations fall for first time in coronavirus pandemic: governor
Apr 02, 2020 U.S. officials redistribute protective gear seized from alleged hoarder
Apr 02, 2020 Global coronavirus cases top one million: Johns Hopkins tally
Mar 30, 2020 U.S. CDC reports 140,904 coronavirus cases, 2,405 deaths
Mar 30, 2020 New York's Cuomo pleads for doctors, nurses from other states to aid its hospitals
Mar 29, 2020 Deaths, intubations swamp New Orleans doctors in coronavirus surge
Mar 26, 2020 One ventilator, two patients: New York hospitals shift to crisis mode
Mar 12, 2020 Coronavirus testing in U.S. not geared for 'what we need': Fauci
Mar 12, 2020 CDC reports 1,264 coronavirus cases, death tally of 36
Mar 06, 2020 $2 billion needed to develop COVID-19 shot, says epidemic response group
Mar 06, 2020 Coronavirus infects more than 100,000 worldwide, wreaking financial havoc
Mar 04, 2020 California, Washington state deaths add to U.S. coronavirus toll
Mar 04, 2020 Coronavirus death toll jumps to 107 in Italy, all schools shut
Mar 04, 2020 U.S. coronavirus death toll rises; New York, Los Angeles region confirm new cases
Mar 03, 2020 Researchers identify two coronavirus strains as China cases dwindle
Mar 03, 2020 WHO warns of global shortage of medical equipment to fight coronavirus
Mar 02, 2020 U.S. CDC confirms two new coronavirus cases, 27 infections yet to be confirmed
Feb 28, 2020 Explainer: Coronavirus reappears in discharged patients, raising questions in containment fight
Feb 28, 2020 U.N. chief says window for containment of coronavirus narrowing
Feb 28, 2020 Coronavirus now poses 'very high' risk at global level: WHO
Feb 28, 2020 Amazon defers 'non-essential' moves even in U.S. as corporate travel bans spread
Feb 28, 2020 South Korea reports 594 new coronavirus cases, raise total to 2,931: KCDC
Feb 28, 2020 New coronavirus case of unknown origin in California; U.S. to push production of protective gear
Apr 15, 2019 Cannabis users may need more anesthesia for surgery
Apr 12, 2019 Top cancer hospitals' outcomes may be better than affiliates'
Apr 10, 2019 For frail elderly after heart attack, meds may prolong life but impact function
Apr 10, 2019 Treating cancer patients who smoke may cost extra $3.4 billion each year
Apr 09, 2019 U.S. charges 24 in $1.2 billion Medicare orthotic brace fraud
Apr 05, 2019 Hospital staff errors with gowns and gloves spread bacteria
Apr 05, 2019 Women often keep impact of menstrual pain, bleeding to themselves
Apr 05, 2019 New nursing home patients may wait to see a doctor
Apr 04, 2019 Dozens of clinics market risky cell therapies to treat eye disorders
Apr 03, 2019 U.S. FDA warns of potential seizure risk in some users of e-cigarettes
Apr 01, 2019 Online lender CommonBond expands to target medical and dental students
Apr 01, 2019 Doctors need to do better at talking to families about critically ill patients
Mar 28, 2019 Female cancer radiation doctors earn less than male peers
Mar 28, 2019 Dermatologists and pharmacists have differing views of topical steroids
Mar 27, 2019 Doctors repeatedly accused of malpractice often quit or start practicing alone
Mar 25, 2019 Early test of male birth control pill shows no safety problems
Mar 21, 2019 Phone app may help conquer fear of heights
Mar 19, 2019 Daily cannabis and skunk users run higher psychosis risk
Sep 06, 2018 IVF kids may have higher risk of high blood pressure
Sep 06, 2018 Discrimination fears tied to teen drinking and smoking
Sep 06, 2018 Type of weight loss surgery matters for people with severe obesity
Sep 05, 2018 Cancer in parents may affect kids' academic, professional development
Sep 04, 2018 Chain pharmacies busted selling tobacco to minors
Sep 04, 2018 CDC reports 30 more cases of illnesses linked to Kellogg's tainted cereal
Sep 03, 2018 Doctors should ask teens about gender identity, experts say
Sep 03, 2018 Negative memories of gym class may impact adults' lifestyle
Aug 31, 2018 Changes to U.S. college football drills could curb head impacts
Aug 29, 2018 U.S. deaths from self-injury surpass those from diabetes
Aug 29, 2018 FDA warns of serious genital infection linked to certain diabetes drugs
Aug 28, 2018 Few heavy drinkers get drugs to help curb alcohol use
Aug 24, 2018 General surgeon shortage growing in U.S.
Aug 22, 2018 Heart-healthy lifestyle in old age tied to lower dementia risk
Aug 22, 2018 Life expectancy declines seen in U.S. and other high-income countries
Aug 17, 2018 Art tours tied to easing of chronic pain
Aug 13, 2018 Doctors may not explain pros, cons of lung cancer screening
Aug 09, 2018 Obesity, diabetes in pregnancy may raise kids' risk of psychiatric disorders
Aug 08, 2018 Sixty-somethings who keep moving may lower risk of heart disease
Aug 06, 2018 Women internists make 80 cents for every dollar earned by men
Apr 20, 2018 Many approaches may help children improve self-regulation
Apr 19, 2018 Large spleen helps explain deep-diving skills of Southeast Asian sea nomads
Apr 19, 2018 More than half of world's wealthy expect to live to 100 :survey
Apr 18, 2018 Cleaned endoscopes often contaminated
Apr 17, 2018 Older adults may not need vitamin D to prevent falls and fractures
Apr 13, 2018 Patients more satisfied when doctors treat fewer people
Apr 13, 2018 Many trainee female surgeons consider leaving field after pregnancy
Apr 12, 2018 Inactivity tied to bladder problems in middle-aged men
Apr 11, 2018 Pay gaps persist for female and African American physicians in US
Apr 09, 2018 Researchers propose new Alzheimer's definition based on biology
Apr 09, 2018 Antidepressants in pregnancy tied to changes in babies' brains
Apr 06, 2018 'Social jetlag' linked to lower grades
Apr 04, 2018 Cycling tied to urinary infections, but also better sex
Apr 03, 2018 U.S. Obamacare 2018 exchange enrollment drops 3 percent: CMS
Apr 02, 2018 Many doctors don't pay attention to home health care plans
Apr 02, 2018 U.S. government sets 3.40 percent hike in 2019 payments to Medicare insurers
Mar 30, 2018 Doctors often skip discussing dangers of driving after concussion
Mar 30, 2018 People with sinus infections stay on antibiotics too long
Mar 28, 2018 Less heart disease, stroke in immigrants than in U.S.-born
Jan 08, 2018 Exercise may reduce disability even in frail elders
Jan 07, 2018 Pfizer ends research for new Alzheimer's, Parkinson's drugs
Jan 05, 2018 Smokers more likely to need spinal surgery
Jan 03, 2018 Heart benefit of moderate drinking greater in wealthy people
Jan 03, 2018 How alcohol damages stem cell DNA and increases cancer risk
Jan 02, 2018 Traumatic events increase headaches and migraines
Jan 01, 2018 Medical jargon may cloud doctor-patient communication
Jan 01, 2018 Drinking hot tea linked to lowered glaucoma risk
Dec 27, 2017 Male doctors make a lot more in industry payments than female peers
Dec 21, 2017 Opioid crisis trims U.S. life expectancy, boosts hepatitis C: CDC
Dec 12, 2017 Hearing loss may be a risk factor for dementia
Dec 11, 2017 Air pollution fine particles linked to poor sperm quality
Dec 06, 2017 U.S. healthcare spending growth slowed in 2016
Dec 05, 2017 Hospital patients are safe with substitute doctors
Dec 01, 2017 Some hospital services may be expendable on weekends
Dec 01, 2017 Lower Medicaid fees linked to scarcer primary care appointments
Nov 30, 2017 Brain damage from football concussions varies by position and career duration
Nov 29, 2017 Forecast predicts over half of U.S. children will be obese by age 35
Nov 27, 2017 Consumers with high-deductible health plans could be smarter shoppers
Nov 23, 2017 Avatars can help schizophrenia patients control threatening voices
Nov 23, 2017 Pre-surgery cognitive screen can flag elderly complications risk
Nov 22, 2017 Three coffees a day linked to more health than harm: study
Nov 21, 2017 Nursing home residents eligible for palliative care often don
Nov 13, 2017 U.S. approves digital pill that tracks when patients take it
Nov 13, 2017 Cost of diabetes epidemic reaches $850 billion a year
Nov 11, 2017 Legionnaires sickens 12 in California, including 9 at Disneyland
Sep 25, 2017 U.S. FDA joins Interpol crackdown on illicit online pharmacies
Sep 25, 2017 Younger start in football linked to higher risk of behavior, mood problems
Sep 25, 2017 Kids who see guns in movies may be more apt to play with firearms
Sep 25, 2017 SNAP food aid program tied to lower health spending for poor
Sep 22, 2017 Resistance exercise linked to reduced anxiety
Sep 21, 2017 Guns help explain difference in urban and rural suicide rates
Sep 21, 2017 Stopping antidepressants tied to increased relapse risk
Sep 21, 2017 A daily half hour's exercise could prevent 1 in 12 early deaths, study shows
Sep 20, 2017 Private vehicles beat ambulances in saving gunshot and stabbing victims
Sep 19, 2017 Poor sleep associated with higher risk of chronic pain
Sep 18, 2017 Pregnant moms who take folic acid cut autism risk from pesticides
Sep 14, 2017 Mental disorders, poor diets and tobacco make the world sick
Sep 14, 2017 ACA Medicaid expansion tied to earlier cancer care for the poor
Sep 11, 2017 Doctors who take pharmaceutical money use Twitter to hype drugs
Sep 07, 2017 Drinks industry distorts alcohol cancer risk: scientists
Sep 04, 2017 Wealthier people exercise more on weekends, sit more during the week
Sep 04, 2017 Leg injury risk goes up in previously injured athletes
Aug 28, 2017 Newborns' hospital care quality may be tied to race
Aug 23, 2017 Brain activity tied to blood pressure during stress
Aug 22, 2017 Dr. Mom may work less than other female physicians
Aug 21, 2017 J&J ordered to pay $417 million in trial over talc cancer risks
Aug 21, 2017 American surgeons poorly prepared for humanitarian operations
Aug 17, 2017 Adult gambling addiction tied to childhood trauma
Aug 16, 2017 'Liquid biopsy' spots early-stage cancers in blood: U.S. study
Aug 14, 2017 Can drinking a little bit help you live longer?
Aug 02, 2017 Face-to-face therapy best to treat binge eating disorder
Aug 02, 2017 Typical adults eat enough salt to damage heart
Aug 01, 2017 Gum infections linked to several cancers in women
Jul 28, 2017 Lonely? Volunteering just two hours a week may help
Jul 28, 2017 Doctors frustrated that electronic records steal time from patients
Jul 20, 2017 Adult weight gain linked to major chronic diseases
Jul 19, 2017 Long work hours tied to irregular heart rhythm
Jul 19, 2017 Study finds slight autism risk link to antidepressants in pregnancy
Jul 18, 2017 Drop in repeat hospitalizations not linked to higher death rates
Jul 13, 2017 Many hold mistaken beliefs about reducing risks of cigarette smoking
Jul 11, 2017 Sleep disruption increases Alzheimer
Jul 10, 2017 Meningitis shot also offers some defense against gonorrhea, study finds
Jul 07, 2017 Insurance pays little for caregiving of elderly at end of life
Jul 07, 2017 Surgeon moms face special challenges
Jul 06, 2017 Concussions tied to menstrual problems in young women
Jul 05, 2017 Body contouring tied to better quality of life after weight-loss surgery
Jul 05, 2017 Nasty parental divorce may leave a mark on adult immune system
Jul 05, 2017 Wars of the 'noses': drought threatens Rome's eternal drinking fountains
Jun 09, 2017 Medical costs of bike crashes on the rise
Jun 08, 2017 Teen drunkenness linked to an early grave
Jun 06, 2017 Chronic pain tied to faster memory decline in old age
Jun 06, 2017 WHO ranks antibiotics in a bid to counter drug resistance
May 31, 2017 Acne antibiotic delays development of multiple sclerosis in small trial
May 31, 2017 Mylan may have overcharged U.S. for EpiPen by $1.27 billion: HHS
May 25, 2017 Does telling patients of possible side effects make them more likely?
May 24, 2017 For healthier arteries, eat more fruits and vegetables
May 24, 2017 Under U.S. Republican bill, 23 million would lose health coverage: watchdog
May 19, 2017 Military veterans suffering PTSD get back on course with golf
May 18, 2017 Low dairy consumption tied to risk of early menopause
May 12, 2017 Surgery will not cure chronic knee pain, experts say
May 11, 2017 U.S. hepatitis C cases soar on spike in heroin use
May 09, 2017 Cotton-tip swabs send dozens of kids to the ER every day
May 09, 2017 Obamacare spared some families from medical financial catastrophe
May 09, 2017 Doctors who are mothers face discrimination
May 09, 2017 New CERN particle accelerator may help both doctors and art sleuths
May 08, 2017 Early puberty tied to increased risk of dating abuse
May 05, 2017 FDA approves first ALS treatment in more than two decades
May 05, 2017 Many eye care providers may not catch macular degeneration
May 04, 2017 J&J ordered to pay $110 million in U.S. talc-powder trial
Apr 17, 2017 Mentally ill accessing less U.S. health care
Apr 17, 2017 Anti-depressant use before, during pregnancy tied to autism risk
Mar 16, 2017 Can drones deliver emergency defibrillators?
Mar 16, 2017 U.N. drugs body places fentanyl ingredients on control list
Mar 16, 2017 Eating fruits and vegetables may help curb lung disease
Mar 15, 2017 Americans are having less sex these days
Mar 15, 2017 Older women get the brush-off from potential employers
Feb 24, 2017 Deadly U.S. heroin overdoses quadrupled in five years: study
Feb 23, 2017 Burnout among trainee pediatricians leads to worse patient care
Feb 23, 2017 Doctor-rating websites lack helpful information
Feb 20, 2017 Doctors who find meaning in their work are less likely to feel burnout
Feb 16, 2017 More U.S. seniors taking multiple mind-altering drugs
Feb 14, 2017 Cooling caps help women keep hair during breast cancer chemo
Feb 14, 2017 Nativity and ethnicity may influence quality of breast cancer care
Feb 13, 2017 Heavy snowfall tied to higher heart attack risk for men
Feb 10, 2017 Drowsy drivers often behind fatal crashes
Feb 09, 2017 Eating during labor may be safe - even beneficial - for women
Feb 07, 2017 Too few U.S. teens getting flu and cancer vaccines
Feb 07, 2017 Training can help surgeons tell patients best and worse scenarios
Feb 06, 2017 Pet medicines pose poison risk for kids
Feb 03, 2017 U.S. patients have lower mortality rates with foreign-trained doctors
Feb 01, 2017 Sleep tied to sexual activity and satisfaction among older women
Feb 01, 2017 Toxic chemicals in one-third of fast food packaging
Jan 25, 2017 U.S. fund managers betting Trump fails to rewrite Obamacare
Jan 25, 2017 Gene-edited cells keep cancer babies well more than one year on
Jan 24, 2017 The risk of death from cancer may depend on where you live
Jan 20, 2017 Heartburn pills tied to serious bacterial infections
Jan 11, 2017 Secondhand smoke during childhood may boost miscarriage risk
Jan 11, 2017 Top prevention priorities for patients and doctors
Jan 11, 2017 Study finds how stress raises heart disease and stroke risk
Jan 09, 2017 Memory pill maker sued on grounds no proof it works
Jan 09, 2017 Mammograms tied to overdiagnosis of breast cancer
Jan 06, 2017 Holocaust survivors remember with resilience
Jan 06, 2017 About one-fifth of gun buyers don't get background checks
Jan 04, 2017 Why you should not treat earwax without seeing a doctor
Dec 30, 2016 Lead exposure in children: a guide to U.S. standards
Dec 30, 2016 Grandparents who help care for grandchildren live longer than other seniors
Dec 29, 2016 Obstetricians balk at FDA warning on anesthesia in pregnant women
Dec 23, 2016 Migraine drugs may repeat rheumatoid arthritis success
Dec 21, 2016 Body image problems in teen girls tied to alcohol use
Dec 12, 2016 Rural U.S. babies hardest hit by opiate addiction at birth
Dec 09, 2016 Big price hikes seen in drug that prevents overdose deaths
Dec 05, 2016 Richest Americans live seven to 10 years longer than poorest
Dec 05, 2016 Doctors see regular misuse of antibiotics, narcotics
Nov 25, 2016 Chronic gum disease tied to risk of erectile dysfunction
Nov 23, 2016 Survey finds many experience new problems after LASIK
Nov 14, 2016 Neighborhood violence tied to biological stress for kids
Nov 09, 2016 Paralyzed monkeys walk again with wireless 'brain-spine interface'
Nov 03, 2016 Night owl teens may struggle to control their emotions
Oct 31, 2016 Exclusive: Abortion by prescription now rivals surgery for U.S. women
Oct 28, 2016 Injectable birth control for men holds promise; risks remain
Oct 21, 2016 Climate change is shifting areas of skin disease concern
Oct 20, 2016 Teenage weight tied to odds of diabetes-related death decades later
Oct 20, 2016 Glucose tablets likely better for easing low blood sugar symptoms
Oct 19, 2016 U.S. government sees 1 million more people on Obamacare exchanges in 2017
Oct 19, 2016 U.S. government sees 1 million more people on Obamacare exchanges in 2017
Oct 19, 2016 U.S. health officials create color-coded Zika zones in Florida
Oct 18, 2016 Erectile dysfunction may improve with exercise
Oct 17, 2016 Doctors still order imaging for low back pain, against recommendations
Oct 14, 2016 Bad eating habits can start in daycare
Oct 13, 2016 Florida declares new area of Zika transmission in Miami
Oct 13, 2016 Teens with celiac disease may be smaller than peers
Oct 12, 2016 Support for marijuana legalization rises among U.S. adults: poll
Oct 10, 2016 Exclusive: U.S. lawmakers to investigate funding of WHO cancer agency
Oct 10, 2016 Antibiotic history of a hospital bed may increase a patient
Oct 07, 2016 Surgery during pregnancy carries low risk
Oct 06, 2016 Herbal and dietary supplements tied to liver damage
Oct 05, 2016 Botox shots little better than nerve stimulation for incontinence
Oct 05, 2016 Should doctors have the legal right to refuse care?
Oct 05, 2016 Canadian college to launch marijuana cultivation course
Oct 05, 2016 Ripe old age: humans may already have reached maximum lifespan
Oct 03, 2016 Family classes tied to better school performance for poor kids
Sep 30, 2016 Doctors do not communicate well about terminally ill patients
Sep 30, 2016 Breast cancer treatments vary widely in cost and complications
Sep 29, 2016 It may not be a boy when dad has been exposed to dioxin
Sep 28, 2016 FDA approves Medtronic's 'artificial pancreas' for diabetes
Sep 22, 2016 Weight discrimination may worsen young teens
Sep 21, 2016 Girls with ADHD often struggle with defiance, conduct issues
Sep 20, 2016 Just going on vacation may change gene activity
Sep 19, 2016 Too little sleep, or too much, linked to risk of heart disease
Sep 12, 2016 Thai authorities downplay Zika risk, worried by tourism impact
Sep 12, 2016 Sugar industry downplayed heart risks of sugar, promoted risks of fat: study
Sep 08, 2016 Pain scales often fail to capture what ER patients feel
Sep 07, 2016 Research links eczema and hay fever to early antibiotic use
Sep 07, 2016 More evidence of a link between C-sections and childhood obesity
Sep 07, 2016 In older age, sex may be good for women, less so for men
Sep 01, 2016 Cancer surgeons hesitant to tell patients the odds of a cure
Aug 31, 2016 Psoriasis may carry clogged-arteries risk similar to that with diabetes
Aug 29, 2016 Diabetes linked to memory decline in older adults
Aug 18, 2016 Childhood abuse linked to worse survival odds for adult women
Aug 17, 2016 Most antipsychotic drugs not tied to birth defects
Aug 15, 2016 Prescription drug abuse tied to increased risk of teen suicide
Aug 04, 2016 Gender predicts how athletes interact after game
Jul 21, 2016 Teen girls who play sports may not eat enough to avoid health problems
Jul 21, 2016 Pre-stroke lifestyle tied to long term risk of more strokes, dementia
Jul 20, 2016 For teen girls, abortion linked to better outcomes vs. giving birth
Jul 19, 2016 Physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia: increasingly legal but still rare
Jul 19, 2016 Dozens of wrestlers sue WWE over neurological injuries
Jul 15, 2016 Zinc lozenges may shorten common colds by three full days
Jul 14, 2016 Partners drinking habits influence marriage satisfaction
Jul 14, 2016 Oklahoma dentist who ran unsafe clinic gets home arrest for money laundering
Jul 13, 2016 Antipsychotic drug also relieves nausea from cancer chemotherapy
Jul 13, 2016 Soda and other sweet drinks tied to risk for some rare cancers
Jul 12, 2016 Sky-high bills leave Nigerian mothers and newborns trapped in hospitals
Jul 11, 2016 Female MDs in U.S. paid less than male MDs
Jul 08, 2016 After terror attacks, civilian responders more likely than pros to have PTSD
Jul 08, 2016 What is in cigarette smoke? Most people do not know.
Jul 06, 2016 Many popular sunscreens don't meet suggested guidelines
Jun 30, 2016 Nobel laureates urge Greenpeace to stop opposing GMOs
Jun 30, 2016 Shock treatment may improve erectile dysfunction
Jun 29, 2016 Olympics will come and go but Zika is here to stay, scientists say
Jun 29, 2016 Simple questions predict decline after breast cancer treatment
Jun 28, 2016 Survey finds excess health problems in lesbians, gays, bisexuals
Jun 28, 2016 Families see better end-of-life care for cancer than other diseases
Jun 27, 2016 Even with good healthcare, social factors affect death risk
Jun 24, 2016 Arizona says it has run out of drugs for executions
Jun 24, 2016 Researchers pinpoint best meds to treat migraine in the ED
Jun 24, 2016 Weight loss surgery helps keep pounds off 10 years later
Jun 23, 2016 Heroin use at 20-year high in U.S. drug epidemic, U.N. says
Jun 23, 2016 Previous exposure to dengue may make Zika worse, scientists find
May 31, 2016 Ecstasy use jumps in Europe, no longer just a dance drug: report
May 31, 2016 French court rules woman can use dead husband's sperm
May 27, 2016 U.S. sees first case of bacteria resistant to last-resort antibiotic
Mar 01, 2016 Well-educated spouses may keep docs from practicing rurally
Feb 26, 2016 More than 200 patients at NJ hospital possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis
Feb 23, 2016 Doctors warn of demand for 'vaginal seeding' despite thin evidence
Feb 08, 2016 U.S. researchers find new bacteria that causes Lyme disease
Jan 29, 2016 Maternal obesity, diabetes tied to increased autism risk in kids
Jan 21, 2016 Parents debt may influence childrens emotional wellbeing
Jan 13, 2016 Morphine for back pain tied to rapid changes in brain
Jan 06, 2016 Men underestimate sexual dysfunction risks of prostate surgery
Dec 17, 2015 Female survivor may be cause of Ebola flare-up in Liberia
Dec 14, 2015 In presidential politics, to the victors go the spoiled life expectancy
Dec 10, 2015 Optimism good for your heart, but gratitude, not so much
Dec 07, 2015 China toughens drug quality standards, rejects 13 applications
Dec 02, 2015 More than half of U.S. doctors experience burnout
Nov 30, 2015 Doctors' use of computers during appointments leaves patients less satisfied
Nov 23, 2015 Scientists create mosquito strain with malaria-blocking genes
Nov 16, 2015 Alcoholism drug can "wake up" dormant HIV to be killed, study finds
Nov 09, 2015 Belly fat may be worse than obesity for survival
Nov 09, 2015 Silicone breast implants still lack proof of safety
Nov 02, 2015 Teens sex talks with parents tied to less risky behavior
Oct 26, 2015 Nearly 200 sickened by Shigella outbreak in San Francisco area: officials
Oct 15, 2015 Talking to kids about smoking risks may help parents quit
Oct 06, 2015 Should doctors help infertility patients who cross borders for care?
Sep 28, 2015 Many college students are not warned about substance abuse risks
Sep 15, 2015 Study finds young people on antidepressants more prone to violence
Sep 03, 2015 Could mobile devices raise skin cancer risk?
Aug 12, 2015 Knee replacement may turn back the clock for arthritis pain
Aug 12, 2015 Music boosts recovery from surgery, reduces pain
Aug 12, 2015 Lifestyle changes help prevent pregnancy-related diabetes
Aug 11, 2015 Hetlioz pill may ease sleep disorder for some blind people
Aug 10, 2015 Depressed adolescents face increased heart disease risk
Aug 10, 2015 When it is time for kindergarten some preemies might not be ready
Aug 10, 2015 Food insecurity and high healthcare costs go hand in hand
Aug 07, 2015 Short time between pregnancies linked to osteoporosis
Aug 06, 2015 Exercise for balance can help older women avoid falls, injuries
Aug 06, 2015 Giving babies healthy foods early may shape childhood tastes
Aug 04, 2015 Special veg-rich diet may slow cognitive decline in elderly, study shows
Aug 04, 2015 Contrary to popular myth, 'the pill' prevents womb cancer, study finds
Jul 30, 2015 Mental health suffers most in major nuclear accidents, studies find
Jul 30, 2015 Chemo worsens quality of life for patients near death
Jul 28, 2015 Americans report improved health, better healthcare: study
Jul 27, 2015 Some serious drug side effects not told to FDA within 15 days
Jul 24, 2015 Online symptom-checkers are often wrong
Jul 22, 2015 Miscarriage, abortion may pose similar risks for next pregnancy
Jul 22, 2015 Main fund for Medicare program to run out of money in 2030, trustees
Jul 21, 2015 More evidence smoking raises risk of death from breast cancer
Jul 20, 2015 Coffee drinking may lower inflammation, reduce diabetes risk
Jul 17, 2015 CVS Health's photo service, UCLA Health get hacked
Jul 14, 2015 Douching may expose women to harmful chemicals
Jul 13, 2015 Africa's Ebola outbreak has not run its course: U.N. envoy
Jul 10, 2015 FDA strengthens warning label for certain anti-inflammatory drugs
Jul 09, 2015 New analysis of smoking and schizophrenia suggests causal link
Jul 08, 2015 Gene therapy for deafness moves a few steps closer
Jul 06, 2015 Fitness apps data reveals American workout habits, most active states
Jul 06, 2015 Lifestyle factors can halve heart failure risk after 65
Jun 30, 2015 Plastic surgeons from different countries prefer different breast shapes
Jun 29, 2015 Citrus fruit linked with melanoma in preliminary study
Jun 26, 2015 Mom, diabetes control in pregnancy may affect kids
Jun 25, 2015 Order of food during a meal may influence blood sugar
Jun 24, 2015 'Virtual reality' treatment shows promise for alcoholism
Jun 23, 2015 Climate change health risk is a 'medical emergency', experts warn
Jun 22, 2015 Planned Parenthood rolls out STD testing apps
Jun 15, 2015 Implants, signing let deaf kids be bilingual: experts
Jun 15, 2015 Fitness tools make strengthening the core less of a chore
Jun 15, 2015 Cigarettes linked to half of deaths from 12 common cancers
Jun 11, 2015 Cesarean birth may raise babys risk of asthma, diabetes and obesity
Jun 11, 2015 Weight tied to breast cancer risk in older women
Jun 11, 2015 Bullied kids are more likely to be depressed years later
Jun 08, 2015 Three in 10 U.S. adults experience drinking problems
Jun 08, 2015 Behavioral therapy can improve insomnia without drugs
Jun 08, 2015 Hong Kong to issue red alert for travel to South Korea amid MERS outbreak
Jun 08, 2015 Modern housing could cut risk of malaria by up to half - study
Jun 04, 2015 Tracing the path of South Korea's MERS 'patient zero'
Jun 04, 2015 California Senate approves hotly debated physician-assisted suicide bill
Jun 04, 2015 Doctors in Texas perform historic skull and scalp transplant surgery
Jun 01, 2015 Western diet may reduce survival odds for prostate cancer
Jun 01, 2015 Large U.S. cancer trial to match genetic glitches to targeted drugs
Jun 01, 2015 Even with training, doctors struggle to convince parents to vaccinate
May 29, 2015 A vegan diet may help with diabetes pain
May 29, 2015 Obesity increases risk for common heart rhythm disorder
May 29, 2015 Genetic glitch can predict response to new class of cancer drugs
May 26, 2015 Fight over hot new cholesterol drugs may be won in milligrams
May 26, 2015 Family history may not impact breast cancer survival odds
May 26, 2015 Sudden infant death may be more likely at high altitudes
May 22, 2015 Common cleaning products can trigger asthma symptoms
May 22, 2015 Smokers who quit may have brains hard-wired for success
May 22, 2015 Smokers more likely to think cancer is a death sentence
May 20, 2015 Alcohol use in movies tied to teen drinking
May 18, 2015 Fitness studios keep clients on track with photos, social media
May 18, 2015 Tennessee governor signs law setting 48-hour abortion wait period
May 13, 2015 Factbox: How companies are mining patient DNA, data for drugs
May 13, 2015 Ride share company Sidecar to deliver medical marijuana in San Francisco
May 13, 2015 Ride share company Sidecar to deliver medical marijuana in San Francisco
May 13, 2015 Connecticut patient being monitored for possible Ebola
May 09, 2015 Osteoporosis linked to higher risk of sudden deafness
May 08, 2015 Diabetics who quit smoking may have trouble controlling blood sugar
May 05, 2015 Latest draftees could benefit from new-age concussion test
May 05, 2015 WHO projections warn of burgeoning obesity crisis in Europe
Apr 29, 2015 Scientists race to beat mosquito resistance in fight against malaria: TRFN
Apr 29, 2015 Eating sugar may fuel cravings for more by quieting stress
Apr 29, 2015 More efforts needed to raise teen long-term contraceptive use
Apr 29, 2015 More efforts needed to raise teen long-term contraceptive use
Apr 22, 2015 Worry may drive low-risk cancer patients to want double mastectomy
Apr 22, 2015 New campaign helps at-risk families test for celiac disease
Apr 22, 2015 For largest babies, inducing labor may help prevent injury during birth
Apr 20, 2015 Forget the martini lunch, sweatworking mixes business with exercise
Apr 17, 2015 Stretching will not prevent tendon injuries
Apr 15, 2015 Weight loss linked to bone loss in middle aged women
Apr 15, 2015 Snoring, apnea linked to earlier memory decline in elderly
Apr 13, 2015 Researchers propose link between gluten and ALS
Apr 10, 2015 Children take more risks crossing streets than parents think
Apr 10, 2015 Venture capitalists ride biotech wave one drug at a time
Apr 09, 2015 When surgeons say; we can fix it, patients may misunderstand risks
Apr 09, 2015 Can special flooring reduce fall injuries for elderly?
Apr 08, 2015 Midlife arts, crafts and socializing tied to better late-life cognition
Apr 08, 2015 U.S. bird flu outbreak accelerates as wild ducks migrate north
Apr 07, 2015 Robotic glove could help stroke survivors
Apr 06, 2015 Physical therapy may be as good as surgery for common back problem
Apr 06, 2015 For some elderly, unclogging leg arteries doesn't improve mobility
Apr 03, 2015 Is fish oil safe during chemotherapy?
Apr 03, 2015 Obese people may be more sensitive to food smells
Apr 02, 2015 Minimally invasive surgery safe for rectal cancer
Apr 02, 2015 Asthma very common among Olympic-level swimmers
Apr 02, 2015 Deadly snakes 'milked' to create potent new anti-venom
Apr 01, 2015 Obese children may have a harder time tasting fats than leaner kids
Apr 01, 2015 Massive tea consumption linked to kidney failure
Mar 31, 2015 Air pollution may be tied to anxiety
Mar 31, 2015 Constipation emergencies on the rise
Mar 31, 2015 New York doctors accused of using free shoes offer to defraud Medicaid
Mar 30, 2015 Measure kids medicines in metric units, not spoonfuls, doctors say
Mar 30, 2015 Battling nightmare infections: US CDC's plan to beat superbugs
Mar 30, 2015 U.S. cancer incidence, mortality largely stable or decreasing
Mar 24, 2015 Resuscitation outcomes no worse when families watch doctors work
Mar 24, 2015 Online platform 'Open Humans' launches to share DNA, other data
Mar 23, 2015 A year after Ebola discovered, relapses seen in fight to end it
Mar 23, 2015 Reimburse doctors for helping patients plan end of life care, experts say
Mar 19, 2015 Australian ship makes emergency return to Antarctic station
Mar 18, 2015 Doctors
Mar 17, 2015 Device manufacturer sued again in 'superbug' outbreak at L.A. hospital
Mar 16, 2015 Seven strategies for keeping women in STEM fields
Mar 16, 2015 Doctors not trained to spot sex trafficking victims
Mar 13, 2015 Watch closely and explain frequently: Liberia's Ebola lessons
Mar 12, 2015 Survival rates for risky surgeries in U.S. vary widely: study
Mar 11, 2015 Screening men with ED for heart disease could save money, lives
Mar 11, 2015 Hospital admissions for chest pain may result from poor communication
Mar 10, 2015 Tylenol maker to pay $25 million for selling metal-contaminated drugs
Mar 09, 2015 Rooibos wine targets health-conscious drinkers
Mar 09, 2015 Promising celiac disease therapies on the horizon
Mar 06, 2015 Sexual problems equally common after C-section, natural birth
Mar 06, 2015 What kills more women than AIDS and breast cancer? Dirty water
Mar 06, 2015 Final round of six-way kidney swap begins at San Francisco hospital
Mar 06, 2015 FDA issues mobile app to search for drug shortages
Mar 05, 2015 Many in U.S. live too far from advanced stroke care
Mar 04, 2015 Treatment for prostate cancer varies by area of U.S
Mar 04, 2015 Restaurant calorie labels less likely to influence poor, uneducated
Mar 04, 2015 Doctors, patients scramble ahead of high court Obamacare decision
Mar 03, 2015 In Gaza, demand grows for a plastic surgeon's services
Mar 03, 2015 'Over the counter' birth control pills might save public money
Mar 02, 2015 Companies' tests used in 'superbug' scope cleaning flawed: FDA
Mar 02, 2015 Study finds gorilla origins in half of human AIDS virus lineages
Feb 27, 2015 Younger men more bothered after prostate cancer treatment
Feb 27, 2015 Doctors with bad news seen as less compassionate
Feb 23, 2015 Scientists find peanut-eating prevents allergy, urge rethink
Feb 23, 2015 Washing dishes by hand linked to fewer allergies in kids
Feb 18, 2015 Hundreds possibly exposed to 'superbug' at UCLA Medical Center
Feb 18, 2015 Long-term multivitamin-mineral use tied to women
Feb 16, 2015 Racial gaps in diabetes not tied to social, economic status
Feb 16, 2015 Plain tobacco packs likely to deter smoking, studies show
Feb 13, 2015 Obesity weighs on Latin America after success in fight against hunger
Feb 13, 2015 Is it OK for doctors to 'google' patients?
Feb 12, 2015 Doctors warn of healthcare impact from Pacific trade pact
Feb 11, 2015 Experts warn 2015 could be 'Year of the Healthcare Hack'
Feb 11, 2015 California cancer patient sues for right to doctor-assisted death
Feb 10, 2015 LGBT adults better adjusted if they were
Feb 10, 2015 Time and activity linked to back pain risk
Feb 09, 2015 Research misconduct often unreported in published studies
Feb 06, 2015 Social connections may enhance online weight loss programs
Feb 05, 2015 Daily pot use not associated with brain shrinkage: Colorado study
Feb 04, 2015 FDA approves first-ever tissue adhesive for use in surgery
Feb 03, 2015 House votes to repeal and eventually replace Obamacare
Feb 03, 2015 Birth control access key means of reaching climate goals: experts
Feb 02, 2015 Obama administration seeks to negotiate Medicare drug prices
Feb 02, 2015 Docs see ill patients
Jan 29, 2015 Exclusive: CDC installing cameras in labs in agency-wide safety push
Jan 26, 2015 U.S. pediatricians reaffirm opposition to legalized pot
Jan 26, 2015 Single new case can reignite Ebola outbreak if vigilance lost, says MSF
Jan 23, 2015 Pediatrician group urges measles vaccinations amid Disneyland outbreak
Jan 22, 2015 Costly, complex headache treatment on the rise
Jan 22, 2015 Disneyland seeks to reassure public amid measles outbreak
Jan 19, 2015 Tethered to treadmills? Try the cardio machines in the corner
Jan 15, 2015 More than three quarters of U.S. flu shots ineffective-report
Jan 12, 2015 Higher-fiber diet linked to lower risk of death
Jan 09, 2015 Compression stockings may ease sleep apnea
Jan 05, 2015 Corn syrup more toxic than table sugar in female mice: study
Dec 25, 2014 Complex jobs might help maintain brain fitness in aging
Dec 22, 2014 Mother
Dec 18, 2014 With stimulant, kids with ADHD less likely to injure themselves
Dec 15, 2014 People who feel younger may live longer
Dec 09, 2014 Smoking cigarettes may worsen menstrual cramps
Dec 05, 2014 Biological psychiatric problems garner less empathy
Dec 03, 2014 Online doctor ratings may not match other quality measures
Nov 30, 2014 Nip, tuck, click: Demand for U.S. plastic surgery rises in selfie era
Nov 24, 2014 Draft U.S. legislation would curb FDA medical software oversight
Nov 18, 2014 Marijuana poisoning incidents spike in Washington state
Nov 14, 2014 Study finds elevated preeclampsia risk after kidney donation
Nov 10, 2014 Studies of 'vaping' brain may offer clues on smoking addiction
Nov 06, 2014 Band versus bypass: both weight loss surgeries have risks, benefits
Nov 03, 2014 Air pollution in smokers
Oct 31, 2014 India considers ban on e-cigarettes, sale of single smokes
Oct 20, 2014 Parent and peer disapproval can lead to teen suicide
Oct 15, 2014 Exercising three times a week significantly cuts depression risk
Oct 13, 2014 Americans have 14 million smoking-related ailments: study
Oct 09, 2014 Untested stimulant found in dietary supplements: study
Oct 06, 2014 Low-cost home fixes may prevent falls
Oct 03, 2014 Prescription for avoiding Ebola airport screening: ibuprofen
Sep 29, 2014 Israeli circumcision device provokes union outcry in South Africa
Sep 29, 2014 Long-acting reversible contraceptives best for teens: pediatricians
Sep 25, 2014 Volunteers use 3D printers to create inexpensive prosthetics
Sep 14, 2014 Weight loss on antipsychotics is possible: study
Sep 11, 2014 Long-awaited diet pill gets U.S. approval
Sep 09, 2014 A high-soy diet may drive breast tumor growth : study
Sep 03, 2014 Uninformed breast cancer patients more apt to consider removing the other breast, too
Aug 25, 2014 After men, lesbians report the most orgasms during sex
Aug 21, 2014 U.S. to tighten restrictions on common opioid painkillers
Aug 14, 2014 Evidence suggests Ebola toll vastly underestimated: WHO
Aug 11, 2014 Neck manipulation may be associated with stroke
Aug 08, 2014 Farmers market vouchers may improve access to healthy food
Aug 08, 2014 As virus spreads, investors bet on potential Ebola cures
Aug 04, 2014 Tidy spaces can prevent kids from becoming overwhelmed and frustrated
Jul 31, 2014 U.S. aid worker infected with Ebola to be moved to Atlanta hospital: official
Jul 21, 2014 Probiotics might help lower blood pressure
Jul 14, 2014 As Ebola stalks West Africa, medics fight mistrust, hostility
Jul 07, 2014 Preventive services differ between primary care docs and OB/GYNs
Jul 01, 2014 Too much TV tied to premature death
Jun 21, 2014 Multiple protocol breaches behind anthrax exposure at U.S. federal labs
Jun 13, 2014 Google developing health data service: report
Jun 11, 2014 Skin moles tied to breast cancer risk: studies
Jun 05, 2014 Virtual training may help adults with autism ace job interviews
Jun 04, 2014 When parents are injured, children may get PTSD
Jun 02, 2014 Insured young cancer patients fare better, live longer: study
May 09, 2014 U.S. FDA approves 'Star Wars' robotic arm for amputees
May 06, 2014 Number of U.S. elderly to double by 2050 -reports
May 05, 2014 Pakistan's failings to fight polio spark global emergency response
May 02, 2014 ADHD medicine
May 01, 2014 Ballroom dancing may improve balance, reduce falls in elderly
May 01, 2014 New treatment regenerates muscle lost in traumatic injury
Apr 10, 2014 Complications common for adults after tonsillectomy
Apr 08, 2014 Paralyzed patients regain movement after spinal implant: study
Apr 07, 2014 Doctor appointment availability varies by insurance type
Apr 04, 2014 U.S. OKs portable antidote for painkiller overdoses
Apr 03, 2014 Bike riders risk kidney, genital injuries: study
Apr 02, 2014 Young adults who do cardio may have quicker minds later on
Mar 26, 2014 Could half of all breast cancers be prevented?
Mar 26, 2014 Scientists publish 'navigation maps' for human genome
Mar 11, 2014 U.S. cancer doctors urge payment fix as cases set to rise
Mar 10, 2014 Doctors less likely to adjust depressed patients' blood pressure drugs
Mar 05, 2014 Energy drinks linked to risky behaviors among teens
Mar 03, 2014 'High use' pain killer addicts get fix from doctors, dealers: study
Feb 12, 2014 Talking to premature babies tied to later development
Feb 10, 2014 Smoking tied to increased risk of common type of breast cancer
Feb 06, 2014 Flavor-pairing may teach kids to like vegetables
Feb 04, 2014 Study warns some lubricants could block conception
Feb 03, 2014 Added sugars abundant In U.S. diets, linked to death
Feb 03, 2014 Stool test spots most colon cancers: study
Jan 15, 2014 Belgian clinic repairs bones with novel technique
Jan 15, 2014 Eating cues thrown off in people with back pain: study
Jan 09, 2014 Switch to minimalist running shoes tied to injuries, pain
Jan 08, 2014 Few surgeons know the price of implantable devices
Jan 02, 2014 Relapse of 'cured' HIV patients spurs AIDS science on
Jan 02, 2014 Teen eating disorders may impact weight later: study
Dec 25, 2013 Common knee surgery ineffective in study
Dec 18, 2013 Many doctors report trouble getting cancer drugs
Dec 16, 2013 Fish oil sales don't reflect evidence
Dec 13, 2013 Road crashes biggest killer of Americans abroad
Dec 04, 2013 Pfizer to expand clinical data access to researchers, patients
Dec 02, 2013 Hospitals will quote prices for parking, not procedures
Nov 21, 2013 Exercise may help pregnant women quit smoking
Nov 14, 2013 Outreach to Hispanics may boost organ donation
Nov 13, 2013 Don't neglect oral healthcare in frail, elderly: study
Nov 05, 2013 Surgeon all-nighters don't lead to complications: study
Nov 05, 2013 Young men may have unrecognized eating disorders
Nov 04, 2013 Doctor demand will grow by up to a third by 2025 - study
Oct 17, 2013 Lower back pain tied to flat feet: study
Oct 14, 2013 Non-regular bedtimes tied to kids' behavior problems
Oct 09, 2013 Income inequality linked to depression
Oct 07, 2013 Nearly one in 10 U.S. youth admits to sexual violence
Oct 02, 2013 Mid-life stress could be linked to Alzheimer's: study
Oct 02, 2013 Exercise 'as good as medicines' in treating heart disease
Sep 18, 2013 Google to form health company led by Genentech chairman
Sep 11, 2013 Obesity tied to semi-frequent migraines: study
Sep 09, 2013 Insight: Research renaissance offers new ways out of depression
Sep 05, 2013 Exclusive: Technical snafus confuse charges for Obamacare plans
Sep 03, 2013 Gender income gaps persist among doctors: study
Sep 02, 2013 Parents' ADHD goals tied to treatment choices: study
Aug 19, 2013 Many pediatricians don't offer Spanish autism tests
Aug 12, 2013 Kids' chronic stomach pain tied to anxiety disorders
Aug 06, 2013 Unhealed intestines in celiac disease tied to lymphoma
Aug 06, 2013 First study of human transmission of new bird flu raises worries
Aug 02, 2013 Healthy newborn size varies with ethnicity: study
Aug 01, 2013 FDA warns of serious rash risk with acetaminophen pain pills
Jul 08, 2013 Doctors develop $260 test-tube baby system for poor world
Jul 03, 2013 Antibiotics in infancy linked to eczema
Jul 02, 2013 Home blood pressure monitoring may improve control
Jul 02, 2013 Some forms of IVF linked to risk of autism, mental disability
Jul 01, 2013 Collapsible hampers pose eye risk for kids: doctors
Jul 01, 2013 Red meat tied to worse colon cancer outcomes: study
Jun 12, 2013 Restrictive drug laws censor science, researchers say
Jun 11, 2013 South Koreans, Argentines most satisfied with healthcare, poll finds
Jun 11, 2013 More than money and lawsuits drive overtesting: study
Jun 05, 2013 Few access Internet help for colonoscopy prep
Jun 04, 2013 Docs have trouble meeting electronic record goals
Jun 03, 2013 Fittest cities take exercise publicly and personally
May 17, 2013 Psychiatrists unveil their long-awaited diagnostic "bible"
May 17, 2013 Surgeons-in-training dislike new work hours: survey
May 14, 2013 Jolie surgery sets good example by careful weighing of risks: doctors
May 10, 2013 Bipolar disorder tied to mother's flu in pregnancy
May 07, 2013 Doctors to older, heavy smokers: Get CT screening for lung cancer
May 07, 2013 Info packets don't help people take ER meds
Apr 16, 2013 Reducing complications may cost hospitals money
Apr 12, 2013 Patients often biased against fat doctors, too
Apr 09, 2013 Insight: Insurers see promise in pay-for-performance health plans
Apr 08, 2013 Doctors group questions prostate cancer screening
Apr 06, 2013 First magic mushroom depression trial hits stumbling block
Apr 01, 2013 End-of-life talks lacking between doctors, patients
Mar 20, 2013 Bias may explain disparity in leg amputations
Mar 12, 2013 Family docs can treat simple sleep apnea: study
Mar 11, 2013 Pet frogs linked to salmonella outbreak in kids: CDC
Mar 06, 2013 U.S. doctor's "gutsy" move led to baby's cure from HIV
Mar 05, 2013 "Nightmare bacteria," shrugging off antibiotics, on rise in U.S.
Mar 05, 2013 Some docs miss test results with electronic records
Feb 26, 2013 Advanced breast cancer inching up in young women
Feb 18, 2013 Could acupuncture help relieve seasonal allergies?
Feb 12, 2013 Home altitude tied to obesity risk
Feb 11, 2013 Nearsighted kids may get worse in winter
Feb 08, 2013 Are plant-based diets environmentally friendly?
Feb 04, 2013 Could too much calcium be bad for your heart?
Jan 09, 2013 Reality TV viewers more likely to tan
Jan 07, 2013 Debt may influence young doctors' career plans
Jan 07, 2013 Review questions blood pressure tests for kids
Jan 04, 2013 Racial gaps in access to robotic prostate surgery
Jan 03, 2013 Email reminders encourage end-of-life talks
Jan 02, 2013 Antidepressants don't raise stillbirth risk: study
Dec 17, 2012 Inherited colon cancer risk tied to certain foods
Dec 12, 2012 Newborn killings drop after anonymous delivery law
Dec 12, 2012 Glaucoma check-ups lag in Hispanics
Dec 10, 2012 Youth who overeat more likely to take up drugs
Dec 05, 2012 French men not producing as much sperm
Dec 05, 2012 IRS finalizes new tax for medical devices in healthcare law
Dec 03, 2012 Scientists find gene link to teenage binge drinking
Nov 13, 2012 Many hospital patients get too much acetaminophen
Nov 07, 2012 Values exercise improves doctor-patient communication
Nov 07, 2012 Los Angeles mandates condoms for porn actors, industry threatens suit
Nov 05, 2012 One in five smokers lights up while hospitalized
Nov 01, 2012 Many HIV patients skip medications to drink
Nov 01, 2012 Retail clinics may cut into primary care
Oct 22, 2012 U.S. probes deaths for links to Monster energy drink
Oct 17, 2012 Epilepsy drug leads to weight loss, side effects
Oct 08, 2012 Analysis: When implanted medical devices go wrong, who pays?
Oct 08, 2012 Scientists find blood signatures for aggressive prostate cancer
Oct 08, 2012 Mom's fish, mercury intake tied to kids' ADHD risk
Oct 01, 2012 Injuries due to child abuse on the rise
Sep 21, 2012 Hospital shootings uncommon, unpredictable
Sep 19, 2012 Study finds why antidepressants work better for some
Sep 10, 2012 "Astonishingly high" diabetes rates found in UK ethnic groups
Sep 10, 2012 Heavy drinkers may risk brain bleed at a young age: study
Sep 05, 2012 Real-time prescription data may cut opioid abuse
Sep 03, 2012 Organic food no healthier than non-organic: study
Aug 13, 2012 Doctor incentives tied to better teen drug treatment
Aug 06, 2012 Surveillance may help doctors decide to prescribe
Aug 06, 2012 Hormone boosts mental function in small study
Aug 03, 2012 More minority women die in childbirth
Aug 01, 2012 Gout risk goes up as waistline expands
Aug 01, 2012 Caffeine may provide some Parkinson's relief
Jul 18, 2012 AIDS deaths worldwide drop as access to drugs improves
Jul 11, 2012 OxyContin abuse down with time-release formula
Jul 06, 2012 Parasite tied to self-harm, suicide attempts
Jul 02, 2012 Early life violence tied to mental disorders: study
Jul 02, 2012 Small differences in birth timing tied to test scores
Jul 02, 2012 Botox may help multiple sclerosis tremors
Jun 19, 2012 U.S. healthcare fraud scheme funneled money to Cuba
Jun 12, 2012 Right-to-die movement sees gains as world ages
Jun 06, 2012 Vaccines for U.S. children may not be properly stored: study
Jun 06, 2012 Untreatable gonorrhoea spreading around world: WHO
Jun 04, 2012 When working out is too much of a good thing
Jun 01, 2012 WebMD names Pfizer executive as new CEO
May 21, 2012 Fake drugs threaten gains made in war on malaria
May 14, 2012 Marijuana may ease multiple sclerosis symptoms
May 07, 2012 Study finds psychopaths have distinct brain structure
May 03, 2012 After IVF, some couples get pregnant without help
May 03, 2012 Best face forward: chin implants surge in popularity
May 01, 2012 More women need breasts removed after brachytherapy
Apr 20, 2012 Birth defects more common in IVF babies: study
Apr 11, 2012 Dental x-rays linked to common brain tumor
Apr 04, 2012 Gene studies begin to unravel autism puzzle
Apr 03, 2012 Common antibiotics tied to eye emergencies: study
Apr 02, 2012 Childbirth takes longer now than 50 years ago: study
Apr 02, 2012 Breast cancer screening tied to overdiagnosis
Mar 14, 2012 Diseases from imported food on the rise: CDC
Mar 13, 2012 iPads may boost residents' efficiency: study
Mar 05, 2012 Robotic surgeries costlier but safer: study
Mar 02, 2012 Unnecessary cancer treatment in men on the rise
Mar 01, 2012 Air travel may help explain clots in marathoners
Mar 01, 2012 Mask may help curb drug-resistant tuberculosis
Feb 07, 2012 Amateur tattoos carry hepatitis C risk: CDC
Feb 02, 2012 Siblings' brain scans may hold key to addictions
Feb 02, 2012 "Yo-yo dieting" not tied to early death: study
Feb 02, 2012 Smoking tied to higher psoriasis risk: study
Feb 02, 2012 Older parents more likely to have an autistic child: study
Feb 01, 2012 Moms' bossiness at snack time tied to kids' weight
Jan 18, 2012 Texas nearly ends rabies with aerial vaccine drops
Jan 12, 2012 Red wine-heart research slammed with fraud charges
Jan 05, 2012 Fewer heart attacks after weight-loss surgery: study
Jan 04, 2012 U.S. twin births have doubled in three decades: study
Jan 03, 2012 "Double-jointed" soccer players have more injuries
Jan 03, 2012 Exercise linked to better performance in school
Dec 19, 2011 Maggots speed up cleaning of stubborn wounds
Dec 10, 2011 Gene therapy proves effective for hemophilia B
Dec 07, 2011 Vow of chastity and the pill may keep nuns healthy
Dec 05, 2011 Could acute postpartum blues signal bipolar disorder?
Dec 02, 2011 Behavioral therapy may ease kids' fibromyalgia
Dec 02, 2011 Lots of pregnancies linked to a healthier heart
Nov 15, 2011 Antidepressant shows early promise for meth abuse
Nov 09, 2011 New review questions benefit of cutting down on salt
Nov 09, 2011 Awareness detected in people in vegetative state
Nov 03, 2011 More evidence obesity tied to colon cancer
Nov 02, 2011 Adding radiotherapy boosts prostate cancer survival
Nov 01, 2011 ADHD drugs do not increase heart problems in kids
Oct 17, 2011 Mammogram results often wrong, U.S. study finds
Oct 12, 2011 Many cancer survivors struggle with PTSD symptoms
Oct 12, 2011 More trans fat during pregnancy tied to bigger baby
Oct 05, 2011 Downsides of cancer care rarely seen in black media
Oct 02, 2011 Study finds early potential in GSK leukaemia drug
Oct 01, 2011 Firm recalls beef for possible E. coli taint
Sep 30, 2011 Rates of diabetes-related amputation vary across U.S.
Sep 30, 2011 Daily aspirin tied to risk of vision loss
Sep 28, 2011 More deaths when green doctors place neck stents
Sep 27, 2011 Novartis seeks approval for new smoker's cough drug
Sep 26, 2011 Free formula samples at hospitals raise concern
Sep 25, 2011 Novartis's Afinitor shows promise in breast cancer
Sep 24, 2011 Roche says skin cancer drug substantially shrinks
Sep 22, 2011 Kaiser southern California healthcare workers strike
Sep 22, 2011 U.S. cuts staff from disabled program, weighs future
Sep 21, 2011 China "stem cell therapies" offer heartbreak for many
Sep 21, 2011 States still unclear on health insurance exchanges
Sep 19, 2011 FDA clears Amgen bone drug for cancer patients
Sep 19, 2011 Hospitals, drugmakers lash out at Obama deficit plan
Sep 18, 2011 Amgen osteoporosis drug effective in study
Sep 16, 2011 Active legs at night linked to heart problems
Sep 14, 2011 More U.S. doctors facing charges over drug abuse
Sep 14, 2011 J&J pleads guilty in Natrecor marketing case
Sep 13, 2011 Diabetes "massive challenge" as cases hit 366 million
Sep 12, 2011 Doctors often wrong about heart attack risks: study
Sep 11, 2011 Impotence may point to heart problems
Sep 11, 2011 Green-glowing cats are new tool in AIDS research
Sep 11, 2011 Smoking marijuana not linked to obesity: study
Sep 09, 2011 Grape seed shows small effect on blood pressure
Sep 09, 2011 Scientists find gene that controls chronic pain
Sep 09, 2011 Study clouds picture on omega-3s and heart health
Sep 06, 2011 Common painkillers tied to miscarriage risk
Sep 05, 2011 Formulating functional fitness for everyday people
Sep 05, 2011 Tick-borne parasite infecting blood supply: CDC
Sep 02, 2011 9/11 firefighters have higher cancer risk: study
Sep 02, 2011 Yoga shows some benefit for diabetes
Sep 02, 2011 Two U.S. children develop flu from pigs: CDC
Sep 01, 2011 Obesity not behind kidney stones in kids: study
Sep 01, 2011 Breastfeeding tied to kids' brainpower
Sep 01, 2011 Gut bacteria picky about what we eat: study
Aug 31, 2011 Pre-chewed food may pose HIV threat to infants
Aug 31, 2011 FDA eyes registry for breast implants problems
Aug 30, 2011 Valerian may help menopausal sleep problems: study
Aug 29, 2011 Hip fracture risk rises after women stop hormones: research
Aug 25, 2011 Cancer patients like Jobs face risks from treatment
Aug 24, 2011 Ovarian cysts may not lead to cancer: study
Aug 23, 2011 For sleeping babies, softer isn't safer
Aug 22, 2011 Glaxo HPV vaccine protects women from anal cancer: study
Aug 19, 2011 Study questions testosterone's link to early death
Aug 19, 2011 Women who take vitamins have fewer preemies: study
Aug 18, 2011 Mosquito resistance to bednets fuels malaria worries
Aug 17, 2011 Study finds mother's fat harms embryo development
Aug 12, 2011 Semen quality drops after age 35 in Chinese men
Aug 11, 2011 Superbug more common in kids who've used antibiotics
Aug 10, 2011 Insomnia, fatigue common in people with cancer
Aug 09, 2011 Sleep apnea linked to memory decline, dementia
Aug 08, 2011 Spermless mosquitoes could help halt malaria spread
Aug 02, 2011 Study on magnetic fields, asthma is flawed: critics
Aug 02, 2011 Actelion drug cuts brain lesions in MS patients
Aug 01, 2011 Syphilis up among minority gay, bisexual men
Jul 31, 2011 Gene discovered that raises asthma risk in blacks
Jul 29, 2011 Can chewing more help you eat less?
Jul 28, 2011 Can vitamins help boost your memory?
Jul 27, 2011 Breastfeeding problems tied to moms' depression
Jul 25, 2011 Crossing streets, kids with ADHD may misjudge risk
Jul 21, 2011 Fewer people see heavy smoking as high risk: survey
Jul 20, 2011 Mutant gene reduces male fertility: study
Jul 19, 2011 Low "health literacy" may mean worse health
Jul 18, 2011 Secondhand smoke tied to teens' hearing loss
Jul 15, 2011 U.S. pediatrician feels heat over child obesity idea
Jul 14, 2011 Vitamin A may not prevent asthma: study
Jul 08, 2011 Spermless mosquitoes could help halt malaria spread
Jul 08, 2011 Does Botox help neck pain?
Jul 07, 2011 Germany approves genetic testing of human embryos
Jul 06, 2011 Green tea lowers cholesterol, but only a little
Jul 05, 2011 Massage may ease chronic back pain short-term
Jul 04, 2011 Environment, not just genetics, at play in autism
Jul 04, 2011 Too many women get HPV tests: study
Jun 27, 2011 Neurontin study more marketing than science: report
Jun 23, 2011 Too much alcohol linked to pneumonia risk
Jun 17, 2011 J&J recalls 40,000 bottles of schizophrenia drugs
Jun 15, 2011 Olive oil lovers show lower stroke risk
Jun 13, 2011 Protein linked with rare disease plays role in aging
Jun 09, 2011 Prostate drugs raise risk of prostate cancer: FDA
Jun 05, 2011 Melanoma drug extends life in second large study
Jun 04, 2011 Cancer cell tests may help predict drug reaction
Jun 03, 2011 Vegans may be at risk for low iodine: study
Jun 01, 2011 Cholera outbreaks closely follow temperature rise, rainfall
May 31, 2011 Kids with stubborn asthma may have food allergy
May 30, 2011 Stress doesn't raise risk of MS: study
May 25, 2011 Study finds way to get antibody therapies into brain
May 24, 2011 Drug may take the edge off bad memories: study
May 23, 2011 Dentists hesitate to treat kids on Medicaid
May 23, 2011 Vertex hepatitis C drug wins approval
May 23, 2011 Beaches, parks off limits to New York smokers
May 20, 2011 How many teens have "Internet addiction?"
May 20, 2011 More hospital deaths on weekends
May 20, 2011 In pain? Crossing your arms may help
May 19, 2011 Few hospitals exchanging patient information
May 18, 2011 Most women don't need vitamin A pills
May 18, 2011 Hospital ratings miss many high performers
May 17, 2011 Bill Gates says vaccine investment offers best returns
May 13, 2011 Internet tied to rise in drug abuse
May 13, 2011 Climate change bringing infection, hunger, illness
May 13, 2011 Delaware 16th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana
May 12, 2011 U.S. seeking $1 billion from J&J in Risperdal probe
May 11, 2011 With complex prescription routines, fewer filled
May 11, 2011 Do bedbugs carry superbugs?
May 09, 2011 Lifestyle, diet have little effect on Alzhiemer's
May 09, 2011 Fast-food lobbies U.S. states on "Happy Meal" laws
May 06, 2011 Hot flashes may last a decade or more
May 05, 2011 Breastfeeding OK for moms with hepatitis B: study
May 02, 2011 Kids needn't avoid altitude after mountain sickness
May 02, 2011 Tailored medicine could prevent more heart attacks
Apr 29, 2011 U.S. envoy: Gaddafi troops raping, issued Viagra
Apr 28, 2011 Jury orders Allergan to pay $212 million in Botox case
Apr 27, 2011 Which hospitals have more problems after surgery?
Apr 27, 2011 More U.S. women using "morning-after" pill: study
Apr 25, 2011 Stents: How new technology drives health costs
Apr 25, 2011 Government to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco
Apr 20, 2011 Winter may be linked to postpartum depression
Apr 20, 2011 Aspirin cuts heart attacks, not deaths or strokes
Apr 18, 2011 Hung-over surgeons more error-prone
Apr 18, 2011 HIV prevention study halted due to lack of benefit
Apr 15, 2011 Diet soda doesn't raise diabetes risk: study
Apr 14, 2011 Canadian politician wants to torpedo Charlie Sheen's smoking
Apr 13, 2011 Stillbirth: A silent tragedy haunts the world's poor
Apr 13, 2011 Young parents may let healthy lifestyle slip
Apr 08, 2011 Very high caffeine intake linked to leaky bladder
Apr 07, 2011 Plain cigarette packaging highlights warnings
Apr 07, 2011 Nurses may help some overweight kids
Apr 06, 2011 Scientists find superbugs in Delhi drinking water
Apr 06, 2011 Coffee, tea may not affect leaky bladder much
Apr 04, 2011 Tempting foods can trigger urge to indulge
Apr 04, 2011 Working long hours? Watch out for your heart
Apr 01, 2011 U.S. traffic deaths dropped to new low in 2010
Apr 01, 2011 What's in your sandwich? U.S. wants you to know
Mar 28, 2011 Starbucks plans health and wellness strategy: CEO
Mar 28, 2011 Rising reports of bad reactions to drugs
Mar 25, 2011 More boys than girls wet their beds
Mar 24, 2011 Jury selection starts in Michael Jackson doctor trial
Mar 23, 2011 Do vitamins stop cancer, heart attacks? Study: no
Mar 23, 2011 China to ban smoking at indoor public places
Mar 21, 2011 Hospital performs tracheotomy on terminal Canadian baby
Mar 21, 2011 Extreme preemies at risk for asthma as adults
Mar 18, 2011 Why do clinical trials exclude depressed people?
Mar 16, 2011 U.S. mortality rate falls to all-time low
Mar 16, 2011 New health statistics show Americans living longer
Mar 14, 2011 Depressed dads quick to spank babies
Mar 14, 2011 Teens from wealthier families may drink more
Mar 11, 2011 Women who drink less may still become incontinent
Mar 10, 2011 Secondhand smoke linked to diabetes
Mar 09, 2011 Alcohol not No.1 cause of pancreas damage now
Mar 07, 2011 Not getting enough sleep? Turn off the technology
Mar 07, 2011 Transplant patients a target of Arizona budget cuts
Mar 04, 2011 Mouth-to-mouth may beat lifeguard CPR technique
Mar 03, 2011 "Stealth veggies" may help cut calorie intake
Mar 01, 2011 Being too fat raises risk of deadly breast cancer: study
Mar 01, 2011 Study underlines cannabis link to psychosis
Feb 28, 2011 Breast cancer rates have stopped falling: study
Feb 28, 2011 Expensive hospital care may not save more lives
Feb 25, 2011 Hard times do not justify health aid cuts: study
Feb 25, 2011 Shop to make breast milk ice cream
Feb 23, 2011 More outpatient surgery centers, more surgeries
Feb 23, 2011 U.S. behind the world on parental leave: report
Feb 21, 2011 Gastric bypass better than Lap-Band: study
Feb 21, 2011 1 in 9 people aged 45-54 is hearing impaired
Feb 18, 2011 Many stick with fast food after heart attack
Feb 18, 2011 House votes to block fund for healthcare law
Feb 16, 2011 Group calls for FDA ban of soda 'caramel'
Feb 16, 2011 Early balding linked to risk of prostate cancer
Feb 14, 2011 As sales soar, experts warn about energy drinks
Feb 11, 2011 Will young doctors recognize melanoma?
Feb 10, 2011 Breast-feeding supplies deductible, IRS rules
Feb 10, 2011 Doctor convicted of surgery to alter immigrant fingerprint
Feb 08, 2011 Elderly get fewer antipsychotics after FDA warning
Feb 08, 2011 House seen blocking healthcare funds
Feb 07, 2011 Breastfeeding linked to fewer seizures in kids
Feb 07, 2011 Smoking pot may hasten onset of mental illness
Feb 07, 2011 Smoking pot may hasten onset of mental illness
Feb 04, 2011 Many get antidepressants for no psychiatric reason
Feb 03, 2011 Pay gap widening between male, female doctors
Feb 03, 2011 Study supports restricted diet for kids with ADHD
Feb 01, 2011 More doubts about acupuncture for labor pain
Feb 01, 2011 Study finds way to predict when cancer will spread
Feb 01, 2011 U.S. health system not helping heart disease: CDC
Jan 31, 2011 "Artificial pancreas" shows promise in pregnancy
Jan 29, 2011 UK health agency warns over antibiotic resistance
Jan 27, 2011 Could the Internet curb alcoholism?
Jan 26, 2011 HealthGrades Names Top 50 Cities for Hospital Care
Jan 26, 2011 Doctor incentives don't improve patient care: study
Jan 24, 2011 Nurses Union YouTube Video Urges Obama to Save Social Security, Medicare
Jan 24, 2011 Blocking "rogue gene" may stop cancer spread: study
Jan 21, 2011 WHO recommends food marketing curbs for child obesity
Jan 21, 2011 AACN Expands Scholarship Program for Critical Care Nurses
Jan 19, 2011 Highmark Inc. Offering CRNPs Chance to Expand Work; Means More Options for Highmark Members
Jan 19, 2011 Internet Linked To Teen Depression
Jan 17, 2011 NSNA Leaders Endorse IOM 'Future of Nursing' Report
Jan 16, 2011 AONE Announces New Cohort of Nurse Manager Fellows
Jan 16, 2011 Mount Airy native makes impact in nursing field Read more: Mount Airy News - Mount Airy native makes impact in nursing field
Jan 14, 2011 New Three-Year Pact Means Important Improvements For 17,000 California Kaiser RNs In 61 Facilities
Jan 14, 2011 Scientists make chickens that don't spread bird flu
Jan 12, 2011 Nursing Group Wins Grant for Fetal Heart Monitoring Education
Jan 12, 2011 U.S. abortion rate levels off after 30-year decline
Jan 10, 2011 Medical "best practice" often no more than opinion
Jan 10, 2011 Private ICU rooms may lower infection risks
Jan 07, 2011 Investors to weigh healthcare picks at annual confab
Jan 07, 2011 Will government health insurance erase disparities?
Jan 05, 2011 Recession dents growth of healthcare spending
Jan 05, 2011 Patients underestimate CT scan radiation, risks
Jan 03, 2011 FDA approves second Advanced Cell stem cell trial
Jan 03, 2011 USP Proposes First Set of National Standards for Labeling Prescriptions
Jan 01, 2011 New Medicare rule could cost hospice providers more and limit their reach
Jan 01, 2011 Sleep apnea device eases fatigue in three weeks
Dec 31, 2010 Family history of alcoholism raises obesity risk
Dec 29, 2010 NLN Releases Statement on 'High-Stakes' Pre-NCLEX Testing
Dec 29, 2010 Going under: Anesthesia closer to coma than sleep
Dec 27, 2010 Exercise may help limit pregnancy weight gain
Dec 27, 2010 Estrogen Alone Reduces Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds
Dec 24, 2010 NIH-Led Study Identifies 'Mean Drunk' Genetic Variant
Dec 24, 2010 Quitting smoking improves cholesterol
Dec 22, 2010 Fewer pediatricians, more ruptured appendixes
Dec 22, 2010 New Study Finds Pharmacists and Nurses are the Most Effective Health Care 'Voices' in Promoting Medication Adherence
Dec 20, 2010 Factbox: AIDS and treatment in the United States
Dec 20, 2010 NCSBN Advances Landmark Simulation in Nursing Education Study
Dec 17, 2010 World's Largest Oral Cancer Support Group is Helping Thousands Worldwide
Dec 17, 2010 Nurse Case Management Vital for Some Patients with Diabetes
Dec 16, 2010 Remote eye screening can help diabetics
Dec 16, 2010 Fighting Flu in Newborns Begins During Pregnancy, Yale Study Finds
Dec 14, 2010 Poverty equals obesity? Study bucks common wisdom
Dec 14, 2010 Justice Dept. set to appeal healthcare ruling
Dec 12, 2010 Surgeon General: Tobacco Smoke Causes Immediate Damage
Dec 10, 2010 Many elderly have preventable eye problems
Dec 10, 2010 Alliance starts pneumonia vaccine project for poor
Dec 08, 2010 Doctors slash patients' lab-test costs
Dec 08, 2010 Secondhand smoke tied to kids' poor mental health
Dec 06, 2010 Nurses Ranked Most Trusted Profession - Again
Dec 06, 2010 Study confirms sunscreen prevents melanoma
Dec 04, 2010 Group B strep disease
Dec 04, 2010 NIH Study Identifies Ideal Body Mass Index
Dec 02, 2010 Americans make slow return to doctor's offices
Dec 02, 2010 Could the Internet curb alcoholism?
Dec 01, 2010 50,000+ qualified nursing school applicants turned away in 2010
Dec 01, 2010 Nurse Practitioners Association says risk for diabetes starts with family history
Nov 30, 2010 Nurses set for new public health roles
Nov 30, 2010 For better health care, look to nurses
Nov 29, 2010 More lives saved with 24/7 enhanced staffing in medical ICU
Nov 29, 2010 Preparing nursing workforce for future
Nov 26, 2010 Docs organize to promote unproven therapies they believe in
Nov 26, 2010 Nurses lead patient education program for mothers of newborns
Nov 25, 2010 Beware E. coli when drinking raw milk: study
Nov 25, 2010 Factbox: Tobacco - One of the world's biggest health threats
Nov 24, 2010 Social medical sites need disclosures: U.S. complaint
Nov 24, 2010 Harmful errors still common in U.S. hospitals: study
Nov 23, 2010 Cost-sharing health plans lead poor to make tough choices
Nov 23, 2010 Forgotten patients hold key to heart device safety
Nov 22, 2010 Cough and cold meds withdrawal is working: study
Nov 22, 2010 One billion people cannot afford healthcare: WHO
Nov 21, 2010 World health officials take aim at tobacco additives
Nov 20, 2010 Nighttime delivery linked to brain problems
Nov 20, 2010 Moms' mealtime tactics tied to kids' eating habits
Nov 19, 2010 Less invasive surgery works for liver, too
Nov 19, 2010 Cancer survivors follow doc's orders
Nov 18, 2010 Abandoned prescriptions represent gap in care
Nov 18, 2010 World comparison shows U.S. healthcare lacking
Nov 17, 2010 U.S. to ban alcohol drinks with caffeine: lawmaker
Nov 17, 2010 Errors kill 15,000 aged patients a month: study
Nov 16, 2010 U.S. gives employers more leeway with health rule
Nov 16, 2010 Few teens show signs of "problem" video-gaming
Nov 15, 2010 Bypass patients can benefit from a few drinks
Nov 15, 2010 Less salt for teens means healthier adults
Nov 14, 2010 Family ties play big role in atrial fibrillation
Nov 13, 2010 No link found between iron and breast cancer
Nov 13, 2010 Doctors urge caution with popular energy drinks
Nov 12, 2010 Health overhaul should press ahead: industry
Nov 12, 2010 Adults may not be spreading whooping cough: study
Nov 11, 2010 Health insurance costs up 6 percent, survey finds
Nov 11, 2010 Checklists cut surgery deaths in half: study
Nov 10, 2010 Team uses computers to spot faulty medical devices
Nov 10, 2010 Nearly 59 million lack health insurance: CDC
Nov 09, 2010 Chocolate eaters may have healthier hearts: study
Nov 09, 2010 U.S. doctors still too cozy with drug industry: survey
Nov 08, 2010 Study shows U.S. kids seeing more fast-food ads
Nov 08, 2010 Health law may be unrecognizable in a year
Nov 06, 2010 Is your laptop cooking your testicles?
Nov 06, 2010 Self-employed urologists order more imaging
Nov 05, 2010 Vitamin E linked to risk of certain types of stroke
Nov 05, 2010 Obesity rates will reach 42 percent: study
Nov 04, 2010 Autism risk gene may rewire brain, U.S. study finds
Nov 04, 2010 More drugs do not always mean better care: studies
Nov 03, 2010 Childhood aggression may be linked to stressful birth
Nov 03, 2010 Diabetes tied to colon cancer in men, not women
Nov 02, 2010 Peanuts during pregnancy tied to kid's allergy
Nov 02, 2010 Sweet drinks widely available in schools: study
Nov 01, 2010 Drug experts say alcohol worse than crack or heroin
Nov 01, 2010 Lantana plant safe for toddlers
Oct 31, 2010 Study finds gene links to common lymphoma cancer
Oct 30, 2010 Test shows no health risk to food from spill
Oct 30, 2010 Vitamin B12 tied to Alzheimer's
Oct 29, 2010 Stress may have only small impact on weight
Oct 29, 2010 New colon cancer test works without colonoscopy
Oct 28, 2010 Vaccine panel expands whooping cough coverage
Oct 28, 2010 More Americans control their blood pressure: survey
Oct 27, 2010 Study identifies potential stroke triggers
Oct 27, 2010 Gene mapping project offers new clues about humans
Oct 26, 2010 Medical groups push to expand heart x-ray
Oct 26, 2010 Do specialist doctors make too much money?
Oct 25, 2010 Magnesium levels don't predict heart risk
Oct 25, 2010 Autism rates stabilize in Wisconsin schools: study
Oct 23, 2010 Diabetes to double or triple in U.S. by 2050: government
Oct 23, 2010 Unexplained differences in hospital death rates
Oct 22, 2010 Low-dose aspirin lowers colon cancer risk: UK study
Oct 22, 2010 Collards and carrots may ward off breast cancer
Oct 21, 2010 Drug tests encourage unneeded transfusions: study
Oct 21, 2010 New strain of swine flu emerges: report
Oct 20, 2010 MRSA superbug much more common in U.S. than UK
Oct 20, 2010 Drug companies influence prescribing, study finds
Oct 19, 2010 Surgery on the wrong patient? It's still a problem
Oct 19, 2010 Drug companies pay 17,000 U.S. doctors, report finds
Oct 18, 2010 Special Report: The problem with phthalates
Oct 18, 2010 Treadmill vs. elliptical, motor vs. momentum
Oct 17, 2010 Many obese people see no need to lose weight
Oct 16, 2010 Lack of sleep linked to risky colon polyps
Oct 16, 2010 Metabolic syndrome continues to climb in the U.S.
Oct 15, 2010 First babies born in IVF full gene screening study
Oct 15, 2010 FDA warns makers of chelation treatments
Oct 14, 2010 End-of-life care costs continue to climb upward
Oct 14, 2010 Newer flu vaccine as effective as traditional one
Oct 13, 2010 Family dog tied to lower eczema rates in at-risk kids
Oct 13, 2010 Denials up amid large health insurers: lawmakers
Oct 12, 2010 Jaundice at birth may be linked to autism
Oct 12, 2010 Online health services "need tighter rules"
Oct 11, 2010 New Alzheimer's guidelines aim for early diagnosis
Oct 11, 2010 Mental problems rise with kids' screen time: study
Oct 10, 2010 Obese? Apple or pear shaped? It may be your genes
Oct 10, 2010 New melanoma drug may shrink brain tumors
Oct 09, 2010 Is living under a flight path bad for the heart?
Oct 09, 2010 Fewer than 1 in 20 in U.S. eat enough whole grains
Oct 08, 2010 Most doctors plan to get flu shots, survey finds
Oct 08, 2010 West Nile symptoms more common than thought: study
Oct 07, 2010 One in five Americans have arthritis, survey shows
Oct 07, 2010 Poor healthcare may shorten American lives: study
Oct 06, 2010 Advanced imaging use in emergency rooms triples
Oct 06, 2010 Doctor shortage looming? Use nurses, report says
Oct 05, 2010 When moms get flu shots, babies reap benefits
Oct 05, 2010 Early ADHD diagnosis a risk factor for depression
Oct 04, 2010 Condom use routine for U.S. teens, not adults
Oct 04, 2010 Employer wellness programs could benefit families
Oct 03, 2010 Oklahoma investigates salmonella outbreak
Oct 01, 2010 Coffee, tea linked to lower risk of brain tumor
Oct 01, 2010 Health reform to worsen doctor shortage: group
Sep 30, 2010 Study finds first evidence that ADHD is genetic
Sep 30, 2010 Recession pushes many into Medicaid: Kaiser
Sep 29, 2010 Routine CT scans offer disease-detection bonus
Sep 29, 2010 Tamiflu may have prevented pneumonia in young adults
Sep 28, 2010 Exercise has lasting benefits for older women
Sep 28, 2010 Employer health costs to rise in 2011
Sep 27, 2010 Genetic discovery could lead to brain treatments
Sep 27, 2010 Media leading 'drug educator' for kids, doctors say
Sep 25, 2010 Heart-healthy diet doesn't have to be costly
Sep 25, 2010 Did doctors jumpstart the HIV pandemic?
Sep 24, 2010 Group proposes health insurers' spending rules
Sep 24, 2010 Staying active on workdays good for the heart
Sep 23, 2010 Slower recovery from kidney removal for donors
Sep 23, 2010 Brain-protecting enzyme may fight Alzheimer's
Sep 22, 2010 Smokers show elevated diabetes risk
Sep 22, 2010 Obesity rates remain 'disturbingly high'
Sep 21, 2010 Skip sunbathing, use tanning lotion, doctors say
Sep 21, 2010 More U.S. doctors moving to e-prescriptions: report
Sep 20, 2010 More teens get unapproved weight-loss surgery
Sep 20, 2010 Flu shot linked to reduced heart attack risk
Sep 19, 2010 Gene studies zero in on breast, ovarian cancer risk
Sep 18, 2010 U.S. invests in drug to protect against radiation
Sep 18, 2010 Company-funded drug studies find harm less often
Sep 17, 2010 Exercise low on Americans' activity list: study
Sep 17, 2010 Americans still not tolerant of the mentally ill
Sep 16, 2010 Making own meals may not mean better diet quality
Sep 16, 2010 Swine flu can become drug-resistant quickly: study
Sep 15, 2010 Popularity can come at a price: getting flu first
Sep 15, 2010 New moms, dads show increased depression risk
Sep 14, 2010 Antibiotics mess up your stomach, U.S. study finds
Sep 14, 2010 Many people change docs due to perceived mistakes
Sep 13, 2010 Kids' brain injuries from basketball may be rising
Sep 13, 2010 No link found between vaccine mercury and autism
Sep 11, 2010 U.S. resumes funding controversial stem cell research
Sep 11, 2010 Long life goes hand in hand with a firm grip
Sep 10, 2010 New warnings added to agents used in MRI tests
Sep 10, 2010 Risks of old, new diet drugs face U.S. scrutiny
Sep 09, 2010 More doctors no panacea for U.S. healthcare: report
Sep 09, 2010 U.S. health reforms cause bump in spending: report
Sep 08, 2010 Half of "untreatable" asthma cases may be treatable
Sep 08, 2010 Report says obesity surgery can save health costs
Sep 07, 2010 Long-term weight loss may be harmful to health
Sep 07, 2010 Malpractice liability costs U.S. $55.6 billion: study
Sep 04, 2010 Early day care may promote eczema development
Sep 04, 2010 Colonoscopy repeats greater with non-specialists
Sep 03, 2010 Protein test ups diabetes diagnoses in some races
Sep 03, 2010 U.S. medical programs missing millions of kids: report
Sep 02, 2010 Starting periods early tied to greater asthma risk
Sep 02, 2010 U.S. workers see higher health costs, less care
Sep 01, 2010 First-time mothers drive up c-section rate: study
Sep 01, 2010 Unnecessary pre-op tests very common, and costly
Aug 31, 2010 U.S. egg producers failed to follow own safety plans
Aug 31, 2010 New moms get enough sleep, just not good sleep
Aug 30, 2010 Pot may provide some chronic pain relief: study
Aug 30, 2010 When kids won't grow, doctors keep treating: study
Aug 29, 2010 Bone marrow cells can help in heart failure: study
Aug 29, 2010 Study finds first genetic link to common migraine
Aug 28, 2010 Stone surgeries may rise with physician ownership
Aug 28, 2010 Economy giving U.S. women pause about motherhood?
Aug 27, 2010 Friendly bacteria help calm colicky babies
Aug 27, 2010 FDA ties chicken feed to salmonella in egg recall
Aug 26, 2010 Are allergies associated with heart disease?
Aug 26, 2010 Insulin resistance may cause Alzheimer plaques
Aug 25, 2010 Antihistamine use linked to extra pounds
Aug 25, 2010 "Stunned" government to appeal stem-cell ruling
Aug 24, 2010 White House makes health reform case to doctors
Aug 24, 2010 Americans confused about healthcare reform: poll
Aug 23, 2010 Rectal cancer increasing in younger adults: study
Aug 23, 2010 Many drugs for U.S. kids tested in poor countries
Aug 22, 2010 Experts find gene variants for stomach, gullet cancer
Aug 21, 2010 More painkillers needed for cancer patients: experts
Aug 21, 2010 Study IDs 'alarming disparities' in child obesity
Aug 20, 2010 Analysis: U.S. flu plan cuts red tape, rewards biotechs
Aug 20, 2010 Patterns in serious in-flight medical emergencies
Aug 19, 2010 More U.S. teens get vaccinated, CDC finds
Aug 19, 2010 Obesity top threat to children's health: poll
Aug 18, 2010 Amphetamines could damage heart artery: U.S. study
Aug 18, 2010 Health reform spurs change for big employers: survey
Aug 17, 2010 Weight-loss surgery cuts diabetics' costs: study
Aug 17, 2010 Admitting errors doesn't increase lawsuits: study
Aug 16, 2010 Oral alternative to allergy shots improves hay fever
Aug 16, 2010 Drug information from pharmacies found lacking
Aug 15, 2010 Immune system gene linked with Parkinson's: study
Aug 14, 2010 FDA OKs new "morning-after" pill
Aug 14, 2010 High-risk pools an early test for health overhaul
Aug 13, 2010 Acetaminophen tied to childhood wheezing and allergies
Aug 13, 2010 Personality not linked to cancer risk or prognosis
Aug 12, 2010 Mobile clinics seen as way to cut U.S. health bill
Aug 12, 2010 U.S., states work to shut down fake healthcare plans
Aug 11, 2010 Quick brain scan could screen for autism
Aug 11, 2010 Hospital superbug infections on the decline
Aug 10, 2010 WHO chief says H1N1 flu pandemic is over
Aug 10, 2010 Communication gap seen between patients, doctors
Aug 09, 2010 Puberty coming earlier for U.S. girls: study
Aug 09, 2010 Little evidence antidepressants helpful for autism
Aug 07, 2010 Targeting seniors, Obama touts Medicare report
Aug 07, 2010 Don't delay pregnancy after miscarriage: study
Aug 06, 2010 Clue found to why swine flu spread in people
Aug 06, 2010 Health overhaul helps Medicare prospects: report
Aug 05, 2010 Some evidence vitamin D might fight colds
Aug 05, 2010 Americans' immunity to mumps less than ideal
Aug 04, 2010 More than 70 million U.S. adults obese, agency says
Aug 04, 2010 How can hospitals curb elective early deliveries?
Aug 03, 2010 Eye movement tests show family autism connection
Aug 03, 2010 Foreign-trained docs as good as U.S. physicians: report
Aug 02, 2010 Pass child nutrition bill: Michelle Obama
Aug 02, 2010 Avoid U.S. health insurers after reform, brokerage says
Jul 31, 2010 For blood pressure, can you be fit but fat?
Jul 31, 2010 Does CPR on a moving stretcher work?
Jul 30, 2010 Pregnancy-related diabetes likely to recur: study
Jul 30, 2010 EMS systems catch cardiac arrests, and a lot more
Jul 29, 2010 Wireless sensor watches blood sugar for diabetics
Jul 29, 2010 New TB test must reach more people: expert
Jul 28, 2010 New health policy: encouraging friendships?
Jul 28, 2010 Are kids' ER visits for food allergies on the rise?
Jul 27, 2010 Older age, extra pounds may delay breast-milk production
Jul 27, 2010 Targeting doctors won't reduce ulcer drug overuse
Jul 26, 2010 Educated people cope better with dementia
Jul 26, 2010 Special report: Targeting teens for gastric bands
Jul 24, 2010 Obese kids' feet found to be flatter and fatter
Jul 24, 2010 Downing diet soda tied to risk of premature birth
Jul 23, 2010 Adults born in famine show higher pre-diabetes risk
Jul 23, 2010 Heart risk factors less common in fish lovers
Jul 22, 2010 New guidelines say vaginal birth OK after c-section
Jul 22, 2010 Off-hours delivery may not affect preemie survival
Jul 21, 2010 Experts identify three culprits for gluten allergy
Jul 21, 2010 Autistic kids grow normally despite limited diet
Jul 20, 2010 Meat lovers may pack on the pounds over time
Jul 20, 2010 Screening speech may aid autism diagnosis: study
Jul 19, 2010 U.S. groups target 20 possible causes of cancer
Jul 19, 2010 Kids' high cholesterol may drop naturally
Jul 18, 2010 Many forks loom in road to AIDS vaccine
Jul 18, 2010 AIDS group fears annual HIV costs may hit $35 billion
Jul 17, 2010 Americans turn cold shoulder to sunscreen: poll
Jul 17, 2010 Doctors, nurses joined Medicare scam, U.S. says
Jul 16, 2010 Two-step vaccine may offer "universal" flu jab
Jul 16, 2010 Dramatic rise in painkiller drug abuse: U.S. officials
Jul 15, 2010 Living near traffic pollution tied to heart deaths
Jul 15, 2010 Healthcare overhaul mandates free preventive care
Jul 14, 2010 U.S. standards set for electronic medical records
Jul 14, 2010 Doctors often don't report impaired colleagues
Jul 13, 2010 Higher vitamin E intake tied to lower dementia risk
Jul 13, 2010 New guideline says MRI best for diagnosing stroke
Jul 12, 2010 All kids should have cholesterol tests: study
Jul 12, 2010 Alternative therapies don't help kids' cancer stress
Jul 11, 2010 Mental health a growing concern after Gulf spill
Jul 10, 2010 Therapy may help some with deadly peanut allergy
Jul 10, 2010 Anxiety may worsen prognosis for heart patients
Jul 09, 2010 Home health nurses keep track of elderly in the heat
Jul 09, 2010 RNs Find It Difficult To Find Jobs Despite Nursing Shortage
Jul 08, 2010 York College to offer its first doctorate, in nursing
Jul 08, 2010 Nurse injects dose of reality on
Jul 07, 2010 Nursing job cuts highlight major problem with 'efficiency savings'
Jul 07, 2010 Rudeness at work leads to mistakes
Jul 06, 2010 Nurses: Fed Up and Not Taking It Anymore
Jul 06, 2010 Edith Shain, nurse kissing Navy man in Eisenstaedt's WWII photo, dies at 91
Jul 05, 2010 Registered Nurses Now Eligible to Open Accounts with Whole Food Supplement
Jul 05, 2010 Public health nurses check on apartment residents
Jul 02, 2010 Obama thanks nurses for backing health care bill
Jul 02, 2010 Can nurses fill doctor shortage?
Jul 01, 2010 Nurses and midwives key to saving NHS millions a year
Jul 01, 2010 Study: Women average 20-pound gain in 16 years, but don't have to
Jun 29, 2010 Preparing More Care of Elderly
Jun 29, 2010 Compuware Survey Reveals Doctors and Nurses Struggle With Performance of Clinical Information Systems
Jun 28, 2010 Nurses and narcotics: case studies from Tampa Bay area
Jun 28, 2010 Philippines May Sell Dollar Debt as Nurses, Sailors Fund Gap: Chart of Day
Jun 27, 2010 Manhattan Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Nurses
Jun 25, 2010 Physician, nurse buy-in needed for successful financial screening, execs say
Jun 25, 2010 Nurses may be as qualified as doctors to initiate ART
Jun 24, 2010 Medical Minute 6-24: Nursing in the New Age
Jun 24, 2010 School nurses take on greater role with smaller budgets
Jun 22, 2010 Nurses' Safe Staffing Crusade
Jun 22, 2010 The 'Nurse Fix'
Jun 21, 2010 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Springfield area salaries increase from 2008
Jun 21, 2010 Alternative medicine
Jun 18, 2010 U.S. targets primary care shortage with health reform funds
Jun 18, 2010 Could nurses be the answer to waiting lists and weeks of angst for cancer patients?
Jun 17, 2010 More Elective Surgeries, Doctors and Nurses
Jun 17, 2010 HHS to spend $250 million to increase number of primary-care providers
Jun 16, 2010 Nurses as good as doctors in AIDS care monitoring
Jun 16, 2010 It's Time to Stop the Regulation of Hospital Nurse Staffing Dead in its Tracks
Jun 15, 2010 A fight to let nurses practice without doctor oversight
Jun 14, 2010 Retirements by baby-boomer doctors, nurses could strain overhaul
Jun 10, 2010 Operating Room Nurses Ask For Time Out
Jun 10, 2010 12,000 nurses rally in protest of patient care staffing
Jun 09, 2010 Operating Room Nurses Ask for Time Out
Jun 09, 2010 Is the media image of nursing damaging the profession?
Jun 02, 2010 Going beyond the breastfeeding bill
Jun 02, 2010 Mayor Proposes Cutting School Nursing Positions
Jun 01, 2010 A better understanding of nurse practitioners
Jun 01, 2010 Nurses commit to new rape treatment center
May 25, 2010 Jumping down the rabbit hole in Sacramento
May 25, 2010 Shortage of nurses, but not easy to get nursing job
May 24, 2010 Rural Ohio facing doctor shortage
May 24, 2010 The nurse in your health care future
May 21, 2010 Nurses face job violence, survey says
May 21, 2010 Nurses want more prescription authority
May 20, 2010 Unsafe staffing levels hurt Mental Health Complex, union says
May 20, 2010 Nurses reject public hospital shifts to go private in pay debacle
May 14, 2010 Eisai debuts online resource for cancer nurses
May 14, 2010 Nurses vital to a healthy society
May 11, 2010 Nurses Find Simple Ways to Improve Satisfaction
May 11, 2010 Men Know Nursing Still A Woman's World
May 11, 2010 Diabetics: Eat Bran to Live Longer
May 10, 2010 Anxiety Reduction Research Presented at Nursing Congress
May 10, 2010 Patterns: Lighter Load for Nurses May Aid Patients
May 06, 2010 Morning Read: The biggest Nursing Strike In U.S. History?
May 06, 2010 The Next Generation Of Nurses
May 05, 2010 Bar Codes Cut Down on Hospital Medication Errors
May 05, 2010 Nursing Excellence Program Provides Framework for Patient Safety Initiatives
May 05, 2010 Nurses' Care Knows No Boundaries
Apr 30, 2010 IRS Lacks Clout To Enforce Mandatory Health Insurance
Apr 30, 2010 New Law Offers Expanded Role for Nurse Practitioners
Apr 28, 2010 Healthcare Reform Legislation Effects on Nursing: An Expert Interview With Rebecca M. Patton, MSN, RN, CNOR
Apr 28, 2010 Nurses Call For Complete Ban On Drinking Alcohol Before Driving
Apr 26, 2010 Mentor Program Seeks To Improve Retention Of Nurses
Apr 26, 2010 Nurses Lobby For Better, Safer Working Conditions
Apr 23, 2010 Nurses Are Angels Of War
Apr 23, 2010 The Future Of Medicine Versus The Past Is Focus Of Stanford's Labor Talks With Nurses
Apr 21, 2010 Nursing shortage: Scores higher, Fewer Grads
Apr 21, 2010 Study: Nurse-To-Patient Ratio Saves Lives
Apr 20, 2010 Nurses Fear Acute Trust Takeover Could Hit Patient Care And Jobs
Apr 20, 2010 Male Nurses Still In The Minority
Apr 16, 2010 Hospital Patients Hit With 5% Rate Increase
Apr 16, 2010 A Healthy State Is Priceless
Apr 14, 2010 Doctor Shortage? 28 States May Expand Nurses' Role
Apr 14, 2010 Nurses' Home Visits Help New Moms With Babies
Apr 13, 2010 Avatar II: The Hospital
Apr 13, 2010 Creating the Right Environment for Nurses
Apr 12, 2010 District
Apr 12, 2010 In Reporting Symptoms, Don
Apr 09, 2010 Nurses Better Trained
Apr 09, 2010 Nurses Take Specialist Skills To Another Level
Apr 08, 2010 Sitting Should Be Part Of Doctors' Bedside Manner, KU Research Finds
Apr 08, 2010 Drug Companies To Target Nurses
Apr 06, 2010 Nurses Needed: U.S. Facing A Severe Shortage Of Nurses
Apr 05, 2010 Health Care Is Delivered By A Team
Apr 05, 2010 Needle Pricks A Work Hazard For Docs, Nurses
Mar 31, 2010 Massachusetts House Passes Bill to Stiffen Penalties for Those Who Assault Nurses and Other Health Care Providers
Mar 31, 2010 Health Care Payment Reform: Implications for Nurses
Mar 30, 2010 CMS Will Soon Track Your Failure to Rescue Data
Mar 30, 2010 Staff Shortage now Leading to Nurses Missing Training!
Mar 29, 2010 Economic Downturn Is Pushing Former Nurses To Return To The Medical Field
Mar 26, 2010 Nurse Practitioners Seek Power To Write Prescriptions
Mar 26, 2010 Many Registered Nurses Seeking Certification
Mar 24, 2010 New Bill Would Prohibit Mandatory Overtime For Nurses
Mar 24, 2010 Maine Nurses Work To Improve Patient Care
Mar 22, 2010 Can Republicans Succeed by Running Against Health Reform?
Mar 22, 2010 Health Care Bill: What Does it Mean For You?
Mar 19, 2010 More Patients Die in Crowded Hospitals
Mar 19, 2010 Nurses Train With Computerized 'Manikin'
Mar 17, 2010 Nurses' Research Settles a Common Cancer Concern: Skin Care
Mar 17, 2010 Prevention Of Workplace Violence For Nurses
Mar 15, 2010 Ohio House passes Bill Authorizing Nurses To Pronounce Death
Mar 15, 2010 Nursing Residency Programs Aim To Teach, Retain Workers
Mar 12, 2010 Book Clubs For Doctors Show Human Side Of Medicine
Mar 12, 2010 Specialist Nurses Paid Higher Salaries Than Family Doctors
Mar 10, 2010 Poll: Nurses Spend a Quarter of Shift on Non-patient Care
Mar 10, 2010 AM Alert: Cleaning Up
Mar 08, 2010 What Happens To Haiti When 'The Good Doctors' Leave?
Mar 05, 2010 Medical May Cut Overnight Care
Mar 05, 2010 Violence In Nursing
Mar 03, 2010 Ohio House Proposal Aims To Alleviate Nursing Faculty Shortage
Mar 03, 2010 County Approves Tax Increase For Nursing Building
Mar 01, 2010 Aged Care Nursing Scholarships Announced
Mar 01, 2010 Buffett: Health Care A 'tapeworm' On U.S. Economy
Mar 01, 2010 Nurses Bring Health Care To Unexpected Places In Lincoln
Feb 26, 2010 Summit Focuses On Improving Health Literacy
Feb 26, 2010 Bill Empowers Nursing Board
Feb 25, 2010 A Career As A Nurse Means Constant Change, Constant Learning
Feb 25, 2010 There's A Lot Of Bad Blood Between Docs, Nurses
Feb 24, 2010 Local Hospital Recognized As Best Workplace For Male Nurses
Feb 24, 2010 Doctor Shortage Fuels Nurses' Push For Expanded Role
Feb 24, 2010 Lack Of Educators Puts Nurses In Short Supply
Feb 24, 2010 Nurses Often Get Hit At Work
Feb 19, 2010 More Nurses, Fewer Doctors For Anesthesia Worries Wheaton Surgeons Even Though Its Common Nationally
Feb 19, 2010 $5M Grant To Help USD Develop Registered Nurses
Feb 17, 2010 National Black Nurses
Feb 17, 2010 Nurse-On-Nurse Hostility Remains An Issue
Feb 17, 2010 Dewhurst Warns Of Growing Doctor, Nurse Shortage
Feb 15, 2010 Florida Nurses Unite Feb. 16 To Demand Lifesaving Patient Safety Improvements
Feb 15, 2010 Hospital For Special Surgery Launches Quality Research Center
Feb 15, 2010 Long-Term Outlook For Nursing Jobs Is Good
Feb 11, 2010 Haiti and Health Care
Feb 11, 2010 Health Concerns Highlighted In Nursing Survey
Feb 11, 2010 Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Career Resource Center Launches On All Nursing Schools
Feb 10, 2010 Nurses Blast 39% Anthem Blue Cross Rate Hike "Stronger Medicine Needed To End Insurance Abuses"
Feb 10, 2010 Nurses Reflect On Emotional Challenges Of Treating Survivors
Feb 05, 2010 Report: About 40 Percent Of Cancers Can Be Prevented With Lifestyle Changes, Vaccines
Feb 05, 2010
Feb 04, 2010 Violence Is Part Of The Job Say Nurses As Study Shows Only 1 In 6 Incidents Are Reported
Feb 03, 2010 Hopkins Nursing Center Offers E-Support To Nurses, Midwives In Haiti
Jan 29, 2010 Florida Temporarily Suspends Nursing Requirements To Deal With Shortage
Jan 29, 2010 Nurse Anesthetists Are 'The Patients` Eyes And Ears During Surgery`
Jan 27, 2010 Nursing Change Could Save York County $800K
Jan 27, 2010 Haiti Awash In Doctors; Nurses In Short Supply
Jan 25, 2010 Nurses Ready To Go, But Few Flights To Haiti
Jan 25, 2010 Simulated Hospital Provides Real-World Lessons For Nursing Students
Jan 25, 2010 Nurses - You Can Thrive In Bad Times
Jan 22, 2010 Quantcast More Problems Discovered At UCI Medical Center
Jan 22, 2010 Newborns Weigh A Little less, Study Finds
Jan 21, 2010 Vitamin D May Lower Colon Cancer Risk
Jan 21, 2010 Strength Training Aids Stroke-Weakened Hands, Arms
Jan 20, 2010 Experts: Sitting Too Much Could Be Deadly
Jan 20, 2010 Heart Group Lists 7 Essentials For Heart Health
Jan 20, 2010 Big Benefits Are Seen From Eating Less Salt
Jan 19, 2010 HEALTHBEAT: Spring Will Bring FDA Hearing On Stronger Warnings About Cancer And Tanning Beds
Jan 18, 2010 Researchers Find Study Of Medical Marijuana Discouraged
Jan 17, 2010 Shots Relieve Children's Hay Fever, Cut Expenses
Jan 15, 2010 CDC: About 1 In 5 Americans Vaccinated Against Swine Flu; Death Count Now Above 11,000
Jan 15, 2010 Blacks Often Misdiagnosed With Schizophrenia, Author Says
Jan 13, 2010 Obesity Rates Hit Plateau In U.S., Data Suggest
Jan 12, 2010 This Is Your Brain On Nouns
Jan 07, 2010 EPA Unveils Stricter Smog Standards
Jan 06, 2010 Folic Acid In Late Pregnancy Tied To Child Asthma
Jan 05, 2010 Many expect organ cloning could be routine by 2020
Jan 05, 2010 Limits to antidepressants' effectiveness: study
Jan 04, 2010 New guidelines back mammograms starting at age 40
Jan 04, 2010 Coughing smokers get more antibiotics, to no avail
Jan 04, 2010 France cancels 50 million flu shot orders
Jan 04, 2010 Even with fewer risk factors, heavy men die earlier
Jan 01, 2010 Got a pet tarantula? Better protect your eyes
Dec 31, 2009 U.S. issues standards to spur e-health records
Dec 30, 2009 Nerve stimulation ineffective for low back pain
Dec 30, 2009 Apple wins appeal over alleged iPod hearing loss
Dec 29, 2009 J&J expands recall of Tylenol arthritis caplets
Dec 28, 2009 Blood in the urine? Check with a microscope
Dec 27, 2009 Generics chafe under big pharma's reform shadow
Dec 24, 2009 U.S. doctors link gene to childhood asthm
Dec 23, 2009 Alzheimer's may guard against cancer and vice versa
Dec 22, 2009 Have acute pancreatitis? Go to a big hospital
Dec 21, 2009 Lessons from the cockpit may boost patient safety
Dec 21, 2009 Botox spared over tanning beds in health fight
Dec 17, 2009 Marquette nursing college gets $1.8M bequest
Dec 17, 2009 "Mad" honey sends virility-seeking men to the ER
Dec 16, 2009 Trouble seeing? You're not alone
Dec 16, 2009 U.S. study: 1 in 5 lost health insurance in past year
Dec 14, 2009 Teen survey shows drops in meth use, smoking
Dec 11, 2009 Roche arthritis drug effective in late-stage study
Dec 11, 2009 Osteoporosis meds may cut breast cancer risk: study
Dec 10, 2009 Swine flu has killed 10,000 Americans since April
Dec 09, 2009 Safety data from kid drug trials often unpublished
Dec 08, 2009 Drug mistakes common in U.S. kidney dialysis patients
Dec 07, 2009 Study confirms low mortality for swine flu
Dec 04, 2009 Risk of blood clots after surgery higher than thought
Dec 03, 2009 Teen internet addicts more apt to self harm: study
Dec 03, 2009 Heart care in rural hospitals matches urban ones
Dec 02, 2009 Sanofi warning on antidepressant Norpramin
Dec 02, 2009 U.S. approves first "ethical" human stem cell lines
Dec 01, 2009 Needle injuries often not reported by med students
Dec 01, 2009 Half of world's ICU patients have infections: study
Nov 30, 2009 Cocaine users can control cravings: U.S. study
Nov 30, 2009 Swine flu still down in U.S. but 198 children dead
Nov 24, 2009 Drug-resistant bacteria on increase in U.S.: study
Nov 24, 2009 Over 33 million infected with AIDS virus: U.N.
Nov 23, 2009 Psychotropic drugs boost fall risk in the elderly
Nov 23, 2009 Health care reform may hurt hospital credit
Nov 23, 2009 Los Angeles gets tough on medical marijuana shops
Nov 20, 2009 Swine flu may have hit one peak; more to come
Nov 19, 2009 Oakland's Kaiser Permanente awards $256K in SoCal nursing scholarships
Nov 11, 2009 Falling Far Short of Reform
Nov 11, 2009 Experts fear Africa "pandemic" from rise in smoking
Nov 11, 2009 Report shows Pfizer's hand in Neurontin studies
Nov 10, 2009 Penn Nurses Fight For Healthy Babies
Nov 10, 2009 Nurses Say Govt Caved In To Doctors
Nov 10, 2009 Respirator Or Face Mask? Best H1N1 Protection Still Debated
Nov 10, 2009 H1Wrong1: 77 Students Given Incorrect Flu Sho
Nov 03, 2009 Older And Obese Patients Most Likely To Die From H1N1
Nov 03, 2009 Hospitals: 'There Couldn't Be A Worse Time' For Nurse-Patient Limits
Nov 03, 2009 Hospital Telephone Nurse Triage System Well Used
Nov 03, 2009 Nurses Union Reaches Deal On H1N1 Safety In U.S.
Nov 02, 2009 Hospital Receives Grant For Nurses
Nov 02, 2009 Med, Nursing Schools Teaching Alternative Remedies
Nov 02, 2009 Overseas Nurse Search For Peninsula Hospitals
Nov 02, 2009 Male Nurses Stitching Stereotypes
Oct 30, 2009 What You're Not Hearing About The H1N1 Vaccine
Oct 30, 2009 Health Care Gets Hip And Smart
Oct 30, 2009 U.S. Releases Its Stockpile Of Tamiflu For Children
Oct 30, 2009 Ohio Legislation Would Allow Registered Nurses To Pronounce Death
Oct 21, 2009 Nurses Protest H1N1 Safety As Vaccines Are Delayed
Oct 21, 2009 Nurses Ring Doorbells For Health Care Reform
Oct 21, 2009 With Call Volume Off The Hook, State Plans Nurse Hot Line
Oct 21, 2009 Major Nurses Strike And Picket October 30 To Protest Hospital Swine Flu Safety Gaps
Oct 09, 2009 The Divided States Of Health Care
Oct 09, 2009 Tests Reveal Nurses And Doctors Loaded With Toxins
Oct 09, 2009 Nurses File Grievance Over Flu Vaccine Requirement
Oct 09, 2009 Florida Facing Shortage Of Nurses
Oct 07, 2009 Health Care Overhaul In US Has A Pulse
Oct 07, 2009 Employers Plan Big Changes For Employee Medical Plans For Next Year
Oct 07, 2009 Nurses Should Be Included In Health Care Debate
Oct 07, 2009 Positive Steps To Fix The Nursing Shortage
Sep 30, 2009 Obama Says $5B In Grants Will Aid Medical Research
Sep 30, 2009 Nurses Get Learning Boost From Robotic Patients
Sep 30, 2009 Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Workers On H1N1 Vaccine Priority List; Front-Line Caregivers Planning Now To Keep Patients Safe
Sep 30, 2009 California Nurses Association/NNOC Issues Policy On H1N1 Flu Vaccination: Encourage, Don't Mandate
Sep 29, 2009 Health Care Workers Rally Against Mandatory Flu Shots
Sep 29, 2009 Cancer Doctors And Nurses Release Comprehensive Safety Standards For Chemotherapy Administration To Ensure Quality Care For Cancer Patients
Sep 29, 2009 Nurses Test Hand-Hygiene Monitors
Sep 29, 2009 Tobacco Mints 'Like Candy,' Nurses Say
Sep 28, 2009 Rather Than Retire, Woman About To Enter Nursing Field
Sep 28, 2009 Nurses Offer Preventative Pathway
Sep 28, 2009 Survey: Some Nurses Concerned About H1N1 Preps
Sep 28, 2009 States Unite Against Nursing Shortage
Sep 25, 2009 Sad Irony: Health Care Workers Lack Health Care Insurance
Sep 25, 2009 Nurses To Learn How To Teach Newcomers
Sep 25, 2009 Kids' Health In Hands Of Nurses
Sep 25, 2009 School Nurses Decline As Swine Flu Gains Strength
Sep 24, 2009 No Punishment For Refusing Flu Shot
Sep 24, 2009 Colorado Doctors, Nurses Donate Time To Save Zoo Gorilla
Sep 24, 2009 Nurses Survey Of 23 Arizona Hospitals Show Deficiencies In H1N1 Readiness
Sep 24, 2009 Medical Reserve Corps Ready To Assist Medical Facilities During Flu Outbreak
Sep 23, 2009 Nurses Discuss Global Health Role
Sep 23, 2009 Nurses Try To Stave Off Flu, Prepare For Worst
Sep 23, 2009 School Nurses Haven't Changed How To Deal With Flu
Sep 23, 2009 School Nurses Stretched To Breaking Point
Sep 22, 2009 Realistic Mannequins Help Nursing Students Prepare For Patients
Sep 22, 2009 San Diego Lacks Capacity To Train Needed Nurses
Sep 22, 2009 Nurses Use Art To Provide Cheerier Hospital Atmosphere
Sep 22, 2009 Nurses To Rally Against Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccines
Sep 18, 2009 U.S. Health Workers Worry About Swine Flu Vaccine
Sep 18, 2009 Nurses Want A Role In Health Reform
Sep 18, 2009 Report: Changes Needed In Nurses' Education And Work Environments
Sep 18, 2009 A Love For Nursing
Sep 17, 2009 Twin Cities Nursing Shortage
Sep 17, 2009 Hospitals Must Disclose Nurse Staffing Levels
Sep 17, 2009 Real-Life Nurses Talk About How They're Portrayed On TV
Sep 17, 2009 Hospital Nurses Reveal Risks
Sep 16, 2009 Health Sector A Good Bet For Jobs As Training Funds Multiply
Sep 16, 2009 Cardiac Nurse Enjoys Teamwork, Helping Patients
Sep 16, 2009 Nurses Ready To Give Passengers Flu Shots At Airport
Sep 16, 2009 Nurses Plead For Full, Fair Mental Health Funding
Sep 15, 2009 School Nurses Stress Flu Prevention
Sep 15, 2009 As Illness Evolves, So Does School Nursing
Sep 15, 2009 Is Nursing Still A Recession-Proof Job?
Sep 15, 2009 High-Tech Tools Help Nurses
Sep 14, 2009 50 Million New Patients? More Primary Docs A Must
Sep 14, 2009 Nurses: Pain Affects Everything Else
Sep 14, 2009 Network Of Advocates, Nurses And Law Enforcement Ready To Help After Sexual Assault
Sep 14, 2009 Hiring Eases In Ailing Times For High-Demand Nurses
Sep 11, 2009 Program Gives Future Nurses A Head Start
Sep 11, 2009 After A Diagnosis, A Nurse To Help Point The Way
Sep 11, 2009 One Remedy To The Shortage May Be In Nurse-Run Clinics
Sep 11, 2009 California Nurses Back Creation Of Superunion
Sep 10, 2009 Nurse Shortage Causes Worry
Sep 10, 2009 3 Firms Accused Of Cheating Nurses Out Of Pay
Sep 10, 2009 Story Of Nashville Nurses Take Center Stage
Sep 10, 2009 Hospital Reg Group Hits Docs, Nurses Hand-Washing
Sep 06, 2009 Nurses Weigh In On Patient Care
Sep 05, 2009 State To Match Federal Grant For Health Care Providers
Sep 05, 2009 Doctors, Nurses Making House Calls
Sep 04, 2009 Nurses And Retirement Security: A Looming Crisis
Sep 04, 2009 A New Year, New Challenges: School Nurses Await First Day
Sep 04, 2009 NYC School Nurses Get Trained In H1N1 Vaccines
Sep 04, 2009 America's Registered Nurses Applaud New Institute Of Medicine H1N1/Swine Flu Safety Recommendations
Sep 03, 2009 Nursing: New Kind Of Shift
Sep 03, 2009 A Growing Need For Nurses In Texas
Sep 03, 2009 Breast Exams By Trained Nurses May Hurt More Women Than They Help
Sep 03, 2009 School Nurses Few As Swine Flu Looms
Sep 02, 2009 Salute Honors Work Of Nurses
Sep 02, 2009 Experienced Direct-Care Nurses Respond Positively To Retention Initiatives, Study Finds
Sep 02, 2009 School Nurses Understaffed, Overwhelmed
Sep 02, 2009 Front-Line Nurses Question How Massive Swine Flu Vaccination Plan Will Be Executed
Sep 01, 2009 Federal Government Reviving Nursing Education
Sep 01, 2009 High Respect For Nurses In U.S.
Sep 01, 2009 New York City Schools' Answer To Swine Flu? Nurses With Needles
Sep 01, 2009 Shortage In School Nurses Not Affecting Eastern Kentucky
Aug 31, 2009 New Calif. Rules Cut Wait Times For Medical Care
Aug 31, 2009 Rare But Deadly Meningitis: Don't Forget Kid Shots
Aug 31, 2009 Patients Embrace Argentine Tango As New Therapy
Aug 31, 2009 Incentive Pay Cut For Nurses
Aug 30, 2009 School Nurses In Short Supply
Aug 26, 2009 An Army Nurse Gets Her Due
Aug 26, 2009 Wanted: Nurses In The ER And As Professors
Aug 26, 2009 Police, Nurses Team Up To Keep Kids Safe
Aug 26, 2009 Nurse Interventions Benefit Runaway Girls
Aug 25, 2009 Insurers Expect Cost Of Health Care To Rise 10.5%
Aug 25, 2009 Vaccinations Main Swine Flu Defense
Aug 25, 2009 Twitter Being Used To Deliver Medical News
Aug 25, 2009 Nurses For The Nations Working To Eradicate Malaria
Aug 24, 2009 School Nurses Tackle Low Parental Awareness Of Meningitis Via Comprehensive National Public Education Campaign
Aug 24, 2009 3 Out Of 4 U.S. Nurses Recommend Health Websites To Patients
Aug 24, 2009 California Nurses Campaign For Better H1N1 Protections
Aug 24, 2009 Report That Premiums To Rise 94% By 2020 A Reminder Why Medicare For All Would Best Control Costs, Say RNs
Aug 21, 2009 Report Links Gardasil To Side Effects
Aug 21, 2009 Majority Of U.S. Hospitals Go Smoke Free
Aug 21, 2009 Poll: Most Favor Healthcare Reform
Aug 21, 2009 How Clean Are Your Hospitals? Nurses Tell All
Aug 20, 2009 Nurse's Healing Touch Praised By Patients
Aug 20, 2009 Preventing Illness Saves Money
Aug 20, 2009 Stress Associated With Medical Care
Aug 20, 2009 Hospital Expands Despite Economy
Aug 19, 2009 Grant To Help Hospital, Schools Combat Growing Nursing Shortage
Aug 19, 2009 $500K Pledged To Better Prepare, Retain Nurses
Aug 19, 2009 New Nursing Jobs Are A Welcome Side Effect Of Healthcare Reform
Aug 19, 2009 Nursing: Labor Market Research
Aug 15, 2009 Will Home Nurse Visits Survive Health-Care Reform?
Aug 15, 2009 Nurses not immune to sick economy
Aug 15, 2009 School nurses will give H1N1 shots
Aug 15, 2009 Nurse Researchers Help America Age Gently And Well
Aug 14, 2009 Nurse specialists act as health care gatekeepers
Aug 14, 2009 School nurses ready for flu
Aug 14, 2009 Rare nursing surplus fed by recession
Aug 14, 2009 Study Suggests Expanding Role Nurses Play In Primary Health Care
Aug 13, 2009 School Nurses in Short Supply
Aug 13, 2009 Nursing students go abroad, learn about foreign healthcare
Aug 13, 2009 Migrant workers' children try out jobs in healthcare
Aug 13, 2009 Federal grant will help nurse numbers
Aug 12, 2009 Nurses Learn About Swine/Seasonal Flu
Aug 12, 2009 Nurses to help students with obesity prevention
Aug 12, 2009 Volunteer nurse keeps it all together
Aug 12, 2009 Local nursing students go out into the workforce
Aug 11, 2009 Amid protests, Obama assails insurance companies
Aug 11, 2009 First Wi-Fi pacemaker in U.S. gives patient freedom
Aug 11, 2009 California Will Require Criminal Background Checks Before Granting Temporary Licenses to Nurses
Aug 11, 2009 Can digital health protect your privacy?
Aug 10, 2009 University to expose nurses to rural life
Aug 10, 2009 On a Quest to Protect Health-Care Workers
Aug 10, 2009 Nurses Avoid Waiting Lists by Choosing Online Education
Aug 10, 2009 ER can bring risks for Oklahoma nurses
Aug 09, 2009 School nurses on the front lines in war on swine flu
Aug 09, 2009 School nurses still attend to students
Aug 09, 2009 Nurses get donated laptops for home visits
Aug 09, 2009 Packet helps nurses communicate with autistic students
Aug 08, 2009 Learning to be nurses at UCF may have saved their lives
Aug 07, 2009 On-The-Job Training: Discussing A Unique Nurse Training Program
Aug 07, 2009 A Nurse With A Mission
Aug 07, 2009 Make-A-Wish To Be A Nurse
Aug 07, 2009 New Nurses Join Hospital Transition Program
Aug 03, 2009 Mending health care requires solving doctor, nurse shortage
Aug 03, 2009 Schools prep for spread of swine flu
Aug 03, 2009 Kids' injuries in gym class soar 150%
Aug 03, 2009 Simulation center to test new nurses
Aug 02, 2009 Nurses: Stress led to more staff visits
Jul 31, 2009 State ramps up effort to prepare for H1N1 vaccination
Jul 31, 2009 Hospital Gives Teens A Dose Of Career In Medicine
Jul 31, 2009 Foreign Nurses Seeking U.S. Jobs Plunge 16%
Jul 31, 2009 Making Visiting Nurses More Cost-Effective
Jul 30, 2009 Vols deliver for cancer patients, nurses
Jul 30, 2009 Tufts scholarship will help teacher to educate future nurses
Jul 30, 2009 Nurses Open To Idea Of Robots
Jul 30, 2009 Students learn firsthand about health careers
Jul 29, 2009 Grants could help local nursing students obtain 4-year degree
Jul 29, 2009 Doctor And Nurse Shortages Plague U.S.
Jul 29, 2009 Want Job Security?
Jul 29, 2009 Nursing Program Targets Displaced Auto Workers
Jul 28, 2009 Michigan health care jobs top manufacturing
Jul 28, 2009 More than Half of ER Nurses Have Been Physically Assaulted at Work
Jul 28, 2009 Transitional Care Cuts Hospital Re-Entry Rates, Costs
Jul 28, 2009 Investigation Looks at Nurses Who Abuse Prescription Drugs
Jul 27, 2009 More nurses taking on overtime hours to ease recession pains
Jul 27, 2009 The Benefits of Mindfulness Training for Nurses
Jul 27, 2009 Colleges See Increased Interest In Nursing
Jul 27, 2009 Recession allays nurse shortage
Jul 26, 2009 1,600 Patients Treated At Free Clinic
Jul 26, 2009 Study finds nurses playing a larger role in faith community
Jul 26, 2009 Students lining up for nursing spots but program openings limited
Jul 26, 2009 'Sunshine' makes it through the storm
Jul 23, 2009 Preventive Medicine for A Shortage Of Nurses
Jul 23, 2009 Hospice nurse says pooch's lick saved her life
Jul 23, 2009 Amid nursing shortage, hospitals focus on retention
Jul 23, 2009 Health care's future may already exist
Jul 22, 2009 Hormonal Contraceptives Can Be Safe for Many With Lupus
Jul 22, 2009 Models Help Anticipate Early Delivery in Pregnant Women
Jul 22, 2009 More Lymph Node Checks May Not Help Cancer Diagnosis
Jul 22, 2009 Hospitalizations Rising for Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Jul 21, 2009 Colonoscopy Series Assesses Adenoma Recurrence Risk
Jul 21, 2009 Healthy Lifestyle Shown to Greatly Reduce Heart Risks
Jul 21, 2009 Biomarkers May Predict Incipient Alzheimer's Disease
Jul 21, 2009 AHA: Indian Spice, Orange Juice May Be Cardioprotective
Jul 20, 2009 FDA Approves 2009-2010 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine
Jul 20, 2009 Children's Behavior May Improve After Adenotonsillectomy
Jul 20, 2009 Vitamin D Supplements May Cut Depression Symptoms
Jul 20, 2009 Superficial Vein Thrombosis Linked to DVT
Jul 17, 2009 Repressor Linked to Improved Survival in Breast Cancer
Jul 17, 2009 Treatment Reverses Type 1 Diabetes in Mouse Model
Jul 17, 2009 Gene Variants Linked to Blood Pressure in Blacks Identified
Jul 17, 2009 Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Cardiovascular Disease
Jul 16, 2009 Alzheimer's gene speeds memory declines before 60
Jul 16, 2009 Weight gain during menopause tied to brain changes
Jul 16, 2009 Obama looks for Republican healthcare backing
Jul 16, 2009 Study will delve into oral health, memory link
Jul 15, 2009 Girls react more to peer judgment as they age
Jul 15, 2009 Obama prods Congress on healthcare; Senate panel acts
Jul 15, 2009 FACTBOX: Smoking bans around the world
Jul 15, 2009 Pill camera not as effective as colonoscopy
Jul 14, 2009 Low birthweight linked to adult breathing trouble
Jul 14, 2009 New tests may help spot early-stage Alzheimer's
Jul 14, 2009 FACTBOX: Major provisions of the House health care plan
Jul 14, 2009 How bad is swine flu? Without numbers, who knows?
Jul 11, 2009 Obesity emerges as risk factor in severe flu
Jul 11, 2009 "Glycemic load" of diet tied to breast cancer risk
Jul 10, 2009 Everyday Americans argue for public healthcare option
Jul 10, 2009 Breast cancer screening may fuel over-diagnosis
Jul 10, 2009 Cases of celiac disease up dramatically: report
Jul 10, 2009 Obama's healthcare, climate goals hit speed bumps
Jul 09, 2009 What's in that bottle? Congress says water unclear
Jul 09, 2009 U.S. plans for autumn swine flu vaccination campaign
Jul 08, 2009 Healthcare reform could impact wellness programs
Jul 08, 2009 More Americans than ever are obese: CDC
Jul 07, 2009 U.S. orders stronger overdose warning on painkillers
Jul 07, 2009 U.S. hospitals offer $155 billion for health reform: report
Jul 06, 2009 Travel more than doubles risk of blood clots: study
Jul 06, 2009 U.S. stem cell research rules ease some restrictions
Jul 03, 2009 Social factors influence neighborhood asthma rates
Jul 03, 2009 Sickle cell disease healthcare costs high in U.S.
Jun 30, 2009 U.S. panel urge stronger limits for some pain drugs
Jun 30, 2009 FDA confirms E. coli found in Nestle cookie dough
Jun 29, 2009 Drug cos at odds with FDA over acetaminophen risk
Jun 29, 2009 Antioxidant may boost exercise endurance
Jun 28, 2009 U.S. beef recall expanded, 18 illnesses suspected
Jun 28, 2009 Deal on U.S. healthcare overhaul still uncertain
Jun 27, 2009 Sanofi drug may increase cancer risk, studies find
Jun 26, 2009 New H1N1 flu not going away: U.S. health agency
Jun 26, 2009 Heavy youngsters at risk for asthma symptoms
Jun 25, 2009 Consumers don't buy water for health reasons
Jun 25, 2009 Radiation not needed in common childhood cancer
Jun 24, 2009 Groups urge FDA to release info on rejected drugs
Jun 24, 2009 U.S. pursues crackdown on healthcare fraud
Jun 23, 2009 Drug deals cost U.S. consumers $3.5 bln a year: FTC
Jun 23, 2009 FACTBOX: How do U.S. healthcare proposals compare?
Jun 22, 2009 Bad test results often not reported to U.S. patients
Jun 22, 2009 Americans struggle to pay for healthcare: study
Jun 21, 2009 Wide support for government health plan: poll
Jun 21, 2009 Obama's healthcare push on rocky road in Congress
Jun 18, 2009 U.S. 2010 healthcare costs to jump 9 pct: study
Jun 18, 2009 Medtronic paid doctor accused of false study: report
Jun 17, 2009 Whole-cooked carrots "better for fighting cancer"
Jun 17, 2009 U.S. doctor's group supports health care reform
Jun 16, 2009 Republicans plan rival U.S. healthcare plan
Jun 16, 2009 "Virtual colonoscopy" may be an option, study shows
Jun 15, 2009 Kennedy health plan estimated to cost $1 trillion
Jun 15, 2009 Obama lobbies U.S. doctors on healthcare reforms
Jun 13, 2009 Britain pledges $485 mln to global vaccine project
Jun 12, 2009 WHO declares first 21st century flu pandemic
Jun 12, 2009 U.S. hospitals rationing nuclear imaging tests
Jun 11, 2009 Chain menus could soon start counting calories
Jun 11, 2009 Small firms seen benefiting from health revamp
Jun 10, 2009 Sleep deprivation tied to weight gain
Jun 10, 2009 FDA panel cautiously OKs antipsychotic drugs for kids
Jun 06, 2009 FACTBOX: U.S. healthcare overhaul begins to take shape
Jun 06, 2009 U.S. healthcare revamp to require medical coverage
Jun 05, 2009 WHO recommends rotavirus vaccine for all children
Jun 05, 2009 FDA weighs risk of antipsychotic drugs for kids
Jun 04, 2009 Medical bills underlie 60 percent of U.S. bankrupts: study
Jun 04, 2009 FDA releases list of potential drug risks
Jun 03, 2009 U.S. has 20 deaths from new flu strain
Jun 03, 2009 FDA backs industry fees to improve food safety
Jun 02, 2009 Next two months key to U.S. healthcare reform: Obama
Jun 02, 2009 FDA aims to make its decisions more transparent
Jun 01, 2009 U.S. swine flu hits all 50 states
Jun 01, 2009 Health industry spells out cost saving to Obama
May 31, 2009 Kennedy plan to outline U.S. healthcare overhaul
May 31, 2009 Fatal shooting shows stress risk facing U.S. troops
May 29, 2009 Shocking images deter cigarette smokers: WHO
May 29, 2009 Many teens wired, caffeinated well past bedtime
May 26, 2009 New optimism on U.S. healthcare, but obstacles remain
May 26, 2009 Healthy school lunch efforts face daunting hurdles
May 25, 2009 U.S. health system discourages innovation
May 25, 2009 FACTBOX: Healthcare in the United States
May 24, 2009 Eighteen U.S. soldiers in Kuwait have H1N1 flu
May 24, 2009 Experts identify toxic compound in deadly mushroom
May 23, 2009 U.S. soldiers are Kuwait's first cases of H1N1 flu
May 22, 2009 Genes of new flu virus show it's not so new
May 22, 2009 WHO urges hospitals to join climate change battle
May 21, 2009 Soaring costs raise stakes for healthcare revamp
May 21, 2009 Hospitals brace for shortage of medical isotopes
May 20, 2009 U.S. officials consider bumping up flu shot season
May 20, 2009 Senate panel backs FDA oversight of cigarettes
May 19, 2009 Deadly pneumonia caused by super-bugs on rise: study
May 19, 2009 U.S. group sees little progress on medical errors
May 18, 2009 U.S. workers paying more for healthcare: report
May 18, 2009 U.S. lawmakers weigh beverage taxes in health revamp
May 14, 2009 Focus on children best way to stop flu bugs: study
May 14, 2009 Insured immigrants spend less on health: study
May 13, 2009 Job conditions tied to pregnancy outcomes
May 13, 2009 Obama says House looks to back healthcare in July
May 12, 2009 What's in a cough? 20,000 viruses
May 12, 2009 FACTBOX: U.S. employers offer ways to save on healthcare
May 11, 2009 High health costs hit women hardest
May 11, 2009 Obama: Health overhaul could save U.S. trillions
May 10, 2009 U.S. has more than 2,500 H1N1 flu cases
May 10, 2009 New flu kills U.S. man, spreads to Australia, Japan
May 09, 2009 FACTBOX: Worldwide spread of flu outbreak
May 09, 2009 U.S. has more than 2,000 new flu cases: CDC
May 08, 2009 Probiotics may help ward off postpartum obesity
May 08, 2009 Overeating to blame for U.S. obesity epidemic
May 07, 2009 Constant sun -- too much of a good thing?
May 07, 2009 N.Y. doctor offers flat-rate care for uninsured
May 06, 2009 Docs can sway parents' attitudes to vaccination
May 06, 2009 Undiagnosed diabetes costs U.S. $18 billion a year
May 02, 2009 FACTBOX: Flu cases in U.S. states, Canadian provinces
May 02, 2009 Trial by fire: New antibody method gets big test
May 01, 2009 U.S. antiviral supplies tighten as prescriptions soar
May 01, 2009 Hydroxycut products recalled after one death: FDA
Apr 30, 2009 Healthy items on menu make unhealthy picks easier
Apr 30, 2009 Going to work sick risky in the long term
Apr 29, 2009 U.S. cancer diagnoses will jump 45 percent by 2030
Apr 29, 2009 Kids who die from cold meds often very young
Apr 28, 2009 Researchers find first common autism gene
Apr 28, 2009 Pain drugs to carry more prominent U.S. warnings
Apr 27, 2009 Children who get ADHD drugs score higher on tests
Apr 27, 2009 Easing job stress may ward off depression
Apr 26, 2009 FDA warns of salmonella in sprouts
Apr 26, 2009 FACTBOX: Making a flu vaccine can take months
Apr 25, 2009 WHO chief says swine flu has pandemic potential
Apr 25, 2009 FACTBOX: Economic costs of a flu pandemic
Apr 21, 2009 U.S. officials track new flu strain
Apr 21, 2009 U.S. nutritionists urge new, not-as-sweet drinks
Apr 20, 2009 Stressed Americans postpone healthcare
Apr 20, 2009 Physicians key in detecting melanomas early
Apr 19, 2009 Cancer "culprits" in tobacco smoke revealed
Apr 19, 2009 Gene discovery sheds light on childhood cancer
Apr 18, 2009 West, Central African meningitis toll over 2,500
Apr 17, 2009 FACTBOX: Embryonic stem cells, the ultimate master cell
Apr 17, 2009 "Silent" heart attacks more common than thought
Apr 16, 2009 Coffee, tea tied to lower uterine cancer risk
Apr 16, 2009 Fewer than half of U.S. women screened for chlamydia
Apr 15, 2009 Obama aide sees public health plan as part of reform
Apr 15, 2009 Lifetime exercise may cut breast cancer death risk
Apr 14, 2009 $10 million prize seeks to transform U.S. healthcare
Apr 14, 2009 Some U.S. companies reforming healthcare in-house
Apr 13, 2009 Depression raises heart failure risks: study
Apr 13, 2009 Where you live may effect cancer survival
Apr 09, 2009 U.S. making little progress on food safety
Apr 09, 2009 Growth hormone slows age-related loss of strength
Apr 09, 2009 Unapproved liquid morphine can still be sold in U.S.: FDA
Apr 08, 2009 New malaria drug fights resistance
Apr 08, 2009 China's $125 billion health reform holds challenges
Apr 08, 2009 HIV treatment should start earlier: experts
Apr 07, 2009 U.S. panel backs Lundbeck drug for some schizophrenics
Apr 07, 2009 As crisis bites, Indian women turn to surrogacy
Apr 06, 2009 French surgeons give burn victim new face, hands
Apr 06, 2009 Schwarzenegger, stars lobby for U.S. health reform
Apr 05, 2009 Profit drives drug misuse in Asia
Apr 05, 2009 Hospitals can save by doing less: Thomson Reuters
Apr 03, 2009 Prescription painkiller relieves shingles pain
Apr 03, 2009 Deafness after mumps more common than thought
Apr 02, 2009 Brain scans may detect post-trauma stress sooner
Apr 02, 2009 Drug resistant tuberculosis is a "time bomb": WHO
Apr 01, 2009 White House backs measure putting tobacco under FDA
Apr 01, 2009 Sleep problems may up suicide risk, study finds
Apr 01, 2009 Stem cells may offer cure for deafness
Mar 28, 2009 Device proves option to warfarin in stroke study
Mar 28, 2009 Super Bowl loss may cause fans more than heartache
Mar 27, 2009 U.S. health insurance mandate gains support
Mar 27, 2009 Smokers who quit early in pregnancy aid baby
Mar 27, 2009 U.S. retiree healthcare costs seen up this year
Mar 26, 2009 Pot-smokers may take more risks on the road
Mar 26, 2009 Health insurance mandate seen part of U.S. overhaul
Mar 25, 2009 Loneliness tied to poorer health in old age
Mar 25, 2009 Few U.S. hospitals have electronic medical records
Mar 25, 2009 Dog-bite injuries in children peak in warm weather
Mar 24, 2009 Red meat raises risk of all kinds of death: study
Mar 24, 2009 U.S. health insurers seek individual coverage mandate
Mar 24, 2009 Rehab centers see bankers driven to drink
Mar 23, 2009 Protests at White House healthcare hearing in Iowa
Mar 23, 2009 Cancer cure rates on the rise in Europe: study
Mar 22, 2009 Study finds 10 genes that raise sudden death risk
Mar 21, 2009 China clears Johnson & Johnson baby products after probe
Mar 21, 2009 Simple techniques slash hospital infections: meeting
Mar 20, 2009 Green tea may help keep gums healthy
Mar 20, 2009 EDT Obama names doctor to clear health-care paper swamp
Mar 20, 2009 U.S. drug sales show anemic growth in '08
Mar 17, 2009 Migraine in pregnancy tied to stroke, heart attack
Mar 17, 2009 U.S. capital struggles to contain HIV epidemic
Mar 16, 2009 Study sheds light on exercise after heart attacks
Mar 16, 2009 Brain scans spot changes linked to Alzheimer's
Mar 16, 2009 Defibrillators give little help to sicker patients
Mar 15, 2009 Doctors still learning from pig brain disorder
Mar 15, 2009 Enough of the puff: tax may cut smoking rates
Mar 14, 2009 School near fast-food joint? Expect fatter kids
Mar 14, 2009 U.S. finalizes ban on cattle too sick to walk
Mar 14, 2009 Obama picks FDA chief, starts food safety panel
Mar 13, 2009 Portugal aims to cut stroke deaths by curbing salt
Mar 13, 2009 U.S. business leaders say hobbled by healthcare cost
Mar 12, 2009 Rare pancreatic cancer slowed by Pfizer drug
Mar 12, 2009 Stigma worse for "gender-typical" mentally ill
Mar 11, 2009 New, cheaper female condom wins U.S. approval
Mar 11, 2009 Care by "hospitalists" in U.S. growing: study
Mar 10, 2009 EDT Drug imports must meet standards, White House says
Mar 10, 2009 Blood, ultrasound tests catch ovarian cancer: study
Mar 10, 2009 U.S. allows Lou Gehrig's patients to try Insmed drug
Mar 09, 2009 Children of older fathers do less well in IQ tests
Mar 09, 2009 Discussing end-of-life care lowers cost: U.S. study
Mar 09, 2009 Calif., New York may benefit from stem cell move
Mar 05, 2009 Scientists remove cancer genes from stem cells
Mar 05, 2009 Obama says U.S. can't afford to wait on healthcare
Mar 05, 2009 CNN's Gupta withdraws name for U.S. surgeon general
Mar 04, 2009 Common ingredient offers AIDS protection
Mar 04, 2009 Kids of bipolar parents at risk for psych ills
Mar 03, 2009 Older people face greater HIV infection risks: study
Mar 03, 2009 Democrat looking at taxing health benefit
Mar 02, 2009 Obama names Sebelius to lead health reform push
Mar 02, 2009 U.S. hospital profits fall to zero: Thomson Reuters
Mar 01, 2009 UK watchdog urges caution on child medicines
Mar 01, 2009 Researchers find safer way to make stem cells
Feb 27, 2009 Obama's health budget raises hopes, worries
Feb 27, 2009 U.S. officials move to end Bush healthcare rule
Feb 26, 2009 Obama healthcare plan relies on efficiency
Feb 26, 2009 Stem cell research supporters offer Senate bill
Feb 26, 2009 Acorda drug found to help MS patients walk better
Feb 25, 2009 Cosmetic surgery? Buyer beware, expert says
Feb 25, 2009 U.S. health insurance gap to widen without action: CBO
Feb 25, 2009 Obama cancer cure vow requires more funds: experts
Feb 21, 2009 FDA OKs Medtronic brain device for OCD
Feb 20, 2009 U.S. AIDS cases cluster in cities, report finds
Feb 20, 2009 Laser therapy promising for milder strokes: study
Feb 20, 2009 Obama names nurse to head healthcare access agency
Feb 19, 2009 U.S. AIDS cases cluster in cities, report finds
Feb 19, 2009 Drug abuse among U.S. teenagers drops: U.N.
Feb 18, 2009 Mutations lead to deadly brain tumors: study
Feb 18, 2009 U.S. group decries fewer FDA device inspections
Feb 18, 2009 Bigger MRI machine may be less claustrophobic
Feb 17, 2009 Parkinson's disease and melanoma may be linked
Feb 17, 2009 AIDS top killer disease in China last year: govt
Feb 17, 2009 Hospitals cut one source of MRSA infection: study
Feb 16, 2009 Sprints may be best for diabetes prevention
Feb 16, 2009 Outcomes after heart procedures improving: study
Feb 15, 2009 Obama to lift ban on stem cell research soon: aide
Feb 15, 2009 Study takes step toward erasing bad memories
Feb 10, 2009 No stomach for market turmoil? Thank your genes
Feb 10, 2009 Cash-strapped U.S. patients may be skipping drugs
Feb 09, 2009 Woman in Italian right-to-die case dies
Feb 09, 2009 Pfizer to list payments to doctors, researchers
Feb 08, 2009 Stroke awareness campaign aims to halve deaths
Feb 08, 2009 Psychiatrists may cut some ties to drug firms
Feb 07, 2009 Vietnam has new human bird flu case: paper
Feb 06, 2009 Sense of balance predicts hip fracture risk
Feb 06, 2009 New strategy helps infants swallow on their own
Feb 05, 2009 Study questions routine X-rays, MRIs for back pain
Feb 05, 2009 Mistrust makes some women delay breast exam
Feb 05, 2009 Radiation benefits women with early breast cancer
Feb 04, 2009 More teen TV time linked to depression: study
Feb 04, 2009 Older age increases risk of clot in lupus patients
Feb 03, 2009 Rapid treatment doesn't explain trauma center outcome
Feb 03, 2009 How moms pass on experience without even trying
Feb 02, 2009 Hormone linked to depression after pregnancy
Feb 02, 2009 Kellogg recalls some cookies, bars
Jan 29, 2009 Neck, back pain tough to treat after longer leave
Jan 29, 2009 California octuplets' mom says she's "ecstatic"
Jan 28, 2009 Want to get healthy? Exercise 7 minutes a week
Jan 28, 2009 Mom and dad's tobacco use influences teens' smoking
Jan 28, 2009 Muscle and bone deficits seen in kids with Crohn's
Jan 27, 2009 Eat less to remember more, study suggests
Jan 27, 2009 California octuplets breathing on their own |
Jan 26, 2009 FDA seeks more data on blood thinner Plavix
Jan 26, 2009 Health info technology saves lives, costs: study
Jan 25, 2009 One in five men at risk of drinking problem
Jan 25, 2009 India grapples with high maternal death rate
Jan 24, 2009 Salmonella death in Minnesota brings U.S. total to 7
Jan 23, 2009 Q+A: First human tests of embryonic stem cells
Jan 23, 2009 China says 90 percent of families take toxic milk deal
Jan 22, 2009 Tanning no cure for seasonal depression
Jan 22, 2009 Obama taps preparedness chief to head CDC
Jan 18, 2009 Hershey and ConAgra not hit by peanut butter recall
Jan 18, 2009 China reports two new cases of bird flu, one dead
Jan 17, 2009 Steer clear of peanut butter: U.S. authorities
Jan 16, 2009 China parents of melamine victim paid $29,000
Jan 16, 2009 Oral immunotherapy promising for children with milk allergy
Jan 15, 2009 House gives Obama jump-start on health reform
Jan 15, 2009 Use of sleep aids by young U.S. adults soars: study
Jan 14, 2009 Soaring autism rates in California not an artifact
Jan 14, 2009 Newer schizophrenia drugs cause heart risks: study
Jan 14, 2009 Congress set to vote on children's health bill
Jan 13, 2009 Study sees no eye cancer risk from mobile phones
Jan 13, 2009 FDA says Singulair data do not suggest suicide link
Jan 12, 2009 Stressed men more likely to suffer stroke: study
Jan 12, 2009 Prescription cream treats skin damage from sun
Jan 12, 2009 Size matters for financial trading success: study
Jan 11, 2009 King Nut recalls salmonella-tainted peanut butter
Jan 07, 2009 Low blood oxygen on Everest offers treatment hope
Jan 07, 2009 New therapy helps boy with rare disease
Jan 06, 2009 Scientists doubt Europe can wipe out measles by 2010
Jan 06, 2009 Medicare proposes wider cancer scan coverage
Jan 05, 2009 Angola shuts off border with Congo to avoid Ebola
Jan 05, 2009 More than half of U.S. cyclists forgo helmets: report
Jan 05, 2009 Social Security overestimates death rates: study
Jan 03, 2009 India's West Bengal reports fresh bird flu outbreak
Jan 02, 2009 Kids' lungs benefit from longer breast feeding
Jan 02, 2009 Fast food near schools means fatter kids
Jan 01, 2009 Surgery underused for esophagus cancer: study
Jan 01, 2009 Parenthood less likely after early-life cancer
Jan 01, 2009 Antibiotics before infections save lives: study
Jan 01, 2009 Fathering sons or daughters may be in men's genes
Dec 31, 2008 Esophageal cancer linked to osteoporosis drugs
Dec 31, 2008 Smoking ban lowers heart attacks in one U.S. city
Dec 30, 2008 No cancer risk reductions seen with antioxidants
Dec 30, 2008 Stroke deaths unexplained by customary risk factors
Dec 26, 2008 Depression, pain may accompany chronic Lyme disease